NGINX is the popular open-source project trusted by more than 300 million sites. Originally developed as a web server, NGINX functions have evolved as a proxy server, reverse proxy and load balancer for HTTP, TCP, and UDP servers.

Deploy Apps and API Faster and With More Confidence

Utilize all NGINX capabilities for your performance and business growth

Zero Downtime

Update or upgrade system software without interrupting the connection that can cause downtime.

DDoS Mitigation

Automatic traffic management to handle bulk requests at once.


Adding or moving microservices without interrupting the user’s experience.

Build for Enterprise Solution

Suitable for high traffic enterprise solutions.

Understand NGINX as a Super User to upgrade your skill and career.

Who is Super User?

NGINX Super Users are passionate about solving problems. NGINX is at the heart of their web and application development projects. They are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with the community and help others with their web application challenges.

Let's start your Super User journey now!

NGINX is Globally Preferred


Of global websites
using NGINX


Market share of the top millions busiest sites

4.7 Million

Of devices connected

Source: W3Tech 2022 Netcraft, 2022


What is Super User 2.0?

Super User 2.0 is a learning community created specifically for NGINX users located in Southeast Asia.

What is on-demand learning?

On-demand learning is provided via self-guided training videos that can be accessed 24/7 via the Super User 2.0 website.

Do I have to register?

Yes! To be able to take part in on-demand learning and Super User 2.0 assessments, you must first register your details. There are various rewards available after your register.

What is The Super User 2.0 Leaderboard?

The Super User Leaderboard will rank the top 10 rank Super User participating in the Super User 2.0 program via number of experience points (xp) collected.

How do I earn experience points (xp)?

Points can be earned after completing on-demand learning and Super User 2.0 assessments.

What are badges?

Badges are achievements that you will receive upon completing the Super User, Super User Specialist and ELITE User assessments.

How many badges can I earn?

After successfully becoming a Super User, you can move forward to earn a Super User Specialist badge, and then an ELITE User badge. There is a maximum of 3 badges to be earned.

What is Super User Specialist?

Super User Specialist is the next level attained based on the on demand learning and mentoring classes that you attend. Class schedule will be shared on Super User 2.0 Homepage and via email. There are 2 levels, Super User Kubernetes (K8s) Specialist and Super User API Specialist.

What is ELITE User?

An Elite Super User is one of our most valued player in the community. An Elite gives back to the community and help like-minded members thrive in their quest for knowledge and skill. He can give back by sharing your experiences and what you have learned in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts, GitHub, speaking at NGINX Sprint and more!

What is mentoring?

Mentoring classes are conducted virtually to help you build subject matter expertise in K8s and API. Class schedule will be shared on Super User 2.0 Homepage and via email.

What are the benefits to joining the Super User 2.0 community?

By joining NGINX community, you will have access to new services and tools to sharpen your skills and take your career in app dev, dev opts and platform engineering to the next level.

How can I refer another user to be part of Super User 2.0?

NGINX would love to send you a referral code for you to earn experience points and help expand our community. Send an email to You will receive an reply with your code to be shared with others. The code will be recorded when the referee registered.

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