BIG-IP Diameter Traffic Manager

As Diameter signaling messaging grows, service providers need a multi-functional Diameter platform. BIG-IP Diameter Traffic Management enables service providers to manage network complexity with context-aware routing, engage in secure roaming, and successfully integrate all Diameter and legacy elements.

Manage and Scale Diameter Signaling for your Network


DDoS protection and overload control

BIG-IP Diameter Overload Control gives mobile operators the scalability, flexibility and performance needed to mitigate the most aggressive, volumetric DDoS attacks and to provide overload protection. It can use BIG-IP Diameter Load Balancing capabilities—easily addressable via one IP address—or define what should happen when more traffic is offered than the destination can handle.


Diameter Director Online Charging System (OCS)

To ensure that charging messages with specific content or profile get to the right Online Charging System (OCS), F5 BIG-IP Diameter Director has preconfigured/onboard rules regarding how to select the right OCS, and will query an external database about the subscriber, then routes to correct OCS based on parameters received from the database.

Product Overview

Diagram - Diameter Traffic Management

4G and 5G signaling interworking

Service providers need to plan out their signaling migration path from 4G to 5G. F5 is an industry leader in offering robust 4G signaling solutions for service providers with the BIG-IP load balancer, Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), and a Diameter Edge Agent (DEA). Transitioning to 5G is made easy by providing an interworking path between 4G and 5G signaling.

Core Capabilities

Diameter is a signaling protocol that has been defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a base protocol “intended to provide an Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) framework for applications such as network access or IP mobility in both local and roaming situations.”

Provides support for multiple Diameter use cases and is easily adjustable by using a sophisticated programmability layer.

Identifies multiple Diameter nodes for more sophisticated routing policies.

Implements complex business logic for connecting multiple protocols and vendors.

Distributes traffic using round robin, weighted round robin, contextual, response time, and external policies.

Shows how your network is running in real-time for troubleshooting, analysis, and stats on network usage.



As an industry leader in robust 4G signaling solutions, transitioning to 5G is made easy by providing an interworking path between 4G and 5G signaling.

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