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Leveraging network functions virtualization (NFV) helps you lower costs, increase operational efficiency, and monetize new services. F5’s prepackaged, preconfigured NFV solutions simplify the deployment and management of your virtualized network.

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NFV solutions to lower costs, optimize performance, speed time to market

NFV solutions to lower costs, optimize performance, speed time to market

F5 offers five rich, fully featured and lightweight NFV solutions— F5 Gi-LAN VNF Service , F5 Gi Firewall VNF Service, F5 DNS VNF Service, F5 DNS Security VNF Service, and F5 CGNAT VNF Service. These critical features can be deployed quickly and flexibly where and when required.

VNF Manager provides automated, full lifecycle management

VNF Manager provides automated, full lifecycle management

F5 VNF Manager (VNFM) controls the lifecycle of your VNFs by spinning them up or down as needed or moving VNFs to different locations. It automates deployment, drives configuration, and manages autoscaling, updates, and upgrades. It is TOSCA-based, ONAP-aligned, and interfaces with northbound orchestration.

Product Overview

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Physical, VNF, or CNF services enabled by the consolidated S/Gi-LAN / N6 LAN

Deployment and management of individual VNFs has proven to be a significant challenge for Service Providers. To solve this problem, F5 has developed a set of unique prepackaged, preconfigured NFV solutions that simplify your virtualized network. These ready-to-install solutions automatically unpack and self-configure, saving time and ensuring application performance out of the box. The solutions include the F5 Virtualized Network Functions Manager (VNFM) which delivers fully automated, end-to-end lifecycle management from service instantiation to auto-scaling and decommissioning.

Includes Firewall, CGNAT and traffic management tools such as traffic classification and subscriber awareness.

Firewall, DDoS and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) technology based on F5’s highly successful Advanced Firewall Manager.

Includes L4 and L7 DNS Security and DNS caching and resolving functions, which can reduce DNS latency up to 80%.

Ease IPv6 migration and improve network scalability and security with IPv4 address management.

Core Capabilities

Simplify purchases and reduce the need for overprovisioning with the use-before-you-buy option.

Choose from physical, VNFs, or CNFs.

Switch to lower OpEx and CapEx cost software.

Provision new services in hours, not weeks.

Provision new services as you need them and scale up or down as required.

F5 VNFs easily integrate into your environment.

F5 VNF Manager allows you to manage the lifecycle and orchestration your VNFs.

Platform Support and Integrations

Technology Alliances

Service providers are using OpenStack in Network Functions Virtualization Infrastructure (NFVI) environments to increase agility.

Technology Alliances

F5 collaborates with the world’s leading technology companies. Together, via interoperability and integrations, we help our customers secure and deliver extraordinary digital experiences.



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