F5 Brand Updates

Shape and Volterra are now F5 Distributed Cloud Services

On February 15, 2022, F5 announced the global launch of F5 Distributed Cloud Services, SaaS-based security, networking, and application management services that can be deployed across multi-cloud, on-premises, and edge locations. 

We also announced a major expansion to our application security portfolio with F5 Distributed Cloud Web Application and API Protection (WAAP). F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP integrates the security capabilities of recently acquired Volterra and Shape technologies into a SaaS offering.

Where you used to see “Volterra” and “Shape” you will now see one integrated service portfolio of “F5 Distributed Cloud Services.” 

What has changed?

What was

Is now

F5 Distributed Cloud Mesh
F5 Distributed Cloud App Stack
F5 Distributed Cloud Console
Shape Recognize
F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence
Shape AI Fraud Engine (SAFE)
F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection
Shape Client-Side Defense
F5 Distributed Cloud Client-Side Defense
Shape Aggregator Defense
F5 Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management
Shape Integrated Bot Defense
Shape Enterprise Defense
F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

What are the benefits to Shape, Volterra, and F5 customers?

F5 Distributed Cloud Services allows Shape, Volterra, and F5 customers to continue to enjoy the same products and services, without the disparate collection of brands. This change will simplify the customer experience and allow F5 to enhance its offerings as a leader in software, security, and adaptive applications.

Will technology, processes, or customer support change?

How you interact with products, assigned tenant name spaces/URLs, and who you work with for support and customer service will not be impacted by the branding changes.

How do I get information and support?

All sales and support related inquiries should be directed to F5 via the respective email addresses for your region, which can be found on the Contact Us page of our website. 

Will this impact how I log into and use Volterra today?

As of February 15, 2022, Volterra.io users will be redirected to cloud.f5.com, where they can select the “Login” button from the main Distributed Cloud Services page. Once you are logged in, the name spaces and URLs associated with your tenant will remain unchanged.

Where can I find product documentation?

Product documentation for F5 Distributed Cloud Protection Manager and Distributed Cloud Console will be located as follows:

Historical Product Name

New Product Name

Product Documentation Location

Shape Protection Manager
F5 Distributed Cloud Protection Manager
The F5 Distributed Cloud Protection Manager user interface contains a “Documentation” link to relevant product documentation.
F5 Distributed Cloud Console
The F5 Distributed Cloud Console user interface includes links to product documentation. In addition, product documentation can be found on F5 Distributed Cloud Documentation.

Do I need to sign a new contract?

No, your current contract is valid.

Will my invoicing look different / change?

Current customers of Shape and Volterra products will see the product descriptions updated from Shape/Volterra descriptions to F5 Distributed Cloud product descriptions. These changes will be visible at the next billing cycle after the February 15 launch.