Meet Cybersecurity Compliance with Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection

Meet regulatory requirements and customer needs with comprehensive Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) for satisfying audits and continually maintaining compliance.

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Four Steps for Cloud Cybersecurity Compliance

Achieving and maintaining compliance with major frameworks such as SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001 are vital for cloud-first organizations. Protecting customer data is integral to building customer trust, and many require it before purchasing services or solutions. With Distributed Cloud AIP, we connect your compliance requirements into our threat detection tool, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Monitor Your Stack

We monitor across your cloud management console, hosts, containers, Kubernetes, and applications to give you full observability into your environment to support your compliance journey.

Alert on Behavior and Activity

We deploy our out-of-the-box and customizable rules, in combination with ThreatML to quickly identify, classify, and alert on all user and service activity in your environment, to match common compliance and audit standards.

Investigate and Verify

Our advanced compliance reporting collects and centralizes critical information needed to accelerate and pass compliance audits. Reports are aligned to common compliance frameworks and are easily accessible to respond to additional requests during an audit.

Maintain and Evaluate

Our 24/7/365 Insights and Managed Security Services security operations center  (SOC) provide industry-leading managed services to augment your security program and prepare for audits by supporting continuous compliance.

Explore Compliance Solutions

Distributed Cloud AIP automatically monitors and records all the activity happening in your cloud workloads, providing you with the instruments you need to effectively maintain a healthy security posture while proving to auditors and your customers that you meet SOC 2 compliance standards.

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Achieving PCI DSS compliance can be a monumental task without the right tools in place for FinTech companies or any organizations handling credit cards. Distributed Cloud AIP provides direct mapping to these requirements to help efficiently reach compliance.

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We monitor for suspicious file system, account, and configuration activity, changes in data or login activities, and violations of key policies and procedures—all core tenants of what HIPAA audits look for when determining compliance.

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Many customers require their vendors to be compliant across a number of frameworks before they’ll sign up to work together. Distributed Cloud AIP can alleviate the stress of becoming ISO 27001 compliant by leveraging our constantly evolving ruleset.

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