F5 Distributed Cloud DNS

F5 Distributed Cloud DNS ensures high performance and availability of your apps, simplifying DNS delivery across multi-cloud and modern applications.

Cloud-Based Primary and Secondary Authoritative DNS


Secondary DNS: Leverage secure, scalable, global DNS backup

F5 Distributed Cloud DNS also serves as a secondary, authoritative DNS solution to deliver secure, scalable, global failover support for on-premises and other legacy DNS infrastructure.

  • Seamless Failover Add resiliency to existing DNS infrastructure with seamless failover to F5 Distributed Cloud DNS.
  • Layers of Security Get dynamic security with automatic failover that prevents DDoS attacks or manipulation of domain responses with built-in protection.
  • Maintain High Availability Built on a global anycast network to provide highly available and responsive DNS via points of presence (PoPs) across global markets.

Product Overview

Deploy either as a primary or secondary DNS solution, simplifying DNS management and security while easing the burden on your operations and development teams.

Global scale and performance, boosting the resiliency of DNS with a geo-distributed, secure global network.

Reduce primary load and improve business continuity with redundancy in case of primary DNS failure or degradation, with zero-touch failover.

Core Capabilities

Built on a high-performance global anycast network for highly available and responsive DNS.

Built-in redundancy enables system availability even with primary failures.

Automate services with declarative APIs in addition to an intuitive GUI.

Automatically scales to respond to large query volumes without manual intervention.

Get dynamic security with automatic failover, built-in DDoS protection, DNSSEC, and TSIG authentication.

Deploy and support applications anywhere across public and private clouds.

99.9% service guarantees with premium 24x7 technical support.




See how to use F5 Distributed Cloud DNS as your primary or secondary Internet-facing nameserver with the added benefit of DDoS protection and security enhancements such as DNSSEC.