DNS Cloud Service

Provision and configure secondary authoritative DNS services in moments.


F5’s responsive and secure DNS Cloud Service ensures the high availability of your applications. Pay for what you use, scale on demand.


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UI Demo

Watch a brief demo about how to deploy the DNS Cloud Service via the intuitive user interface.

API Demo

Want to deploy the DNS Cloud Service using APIs? Check out this demo.

Cloud Services Overview

Build faster, deploy more securely.

Layers of security

Layers of security

Dynamic security with automatic failover, built-in DDoS protection, and TSIG authentication maintains application availability.  

Simplicity and speed

Simplicity and speed

Easily provision and configure DNS services within a few clicks and begin responding to queries within minutes of activation.  

Global availability and diversity

Global availability and diversity

Built-on a global Anycast network to provide highly available and responsive DNS in any location.

Flexible interfaces

Flexible interfaces

Manage services in an intuitive user interface or automate everything with declarative APIs.  



Automatically scales to respond to large query volumes without manual intervention.  

In-depth reporting

In-depth reporting

Track performance, usage, and billing with detailed reports and visualization tools.



Pay for what you use; pricing is based on the number of zones and queries.  

Experience and support

Experience and support

Delivering 99.9 service guarantees with premium 24x7 support from experts with over 20 years of experience.


DNS Cloud Service is priced based on 2 metrics.  

  • Number of zones  
  • Number of queries   

Free Service Tier

$0.00 for 1 zone

Zone Tier 1 

$0.20 per zone — 2 to 25 zones per month

Zone Tier 2

$0.10 per zone — 26 to 10,000 zones per month

Zone Tier 3

$0.03 per zone — Over 10,000 zones per month 


Free Service Tier

$0.00 for up to 3 million queries

Query Tier 1 

$0.40 per million queries — 3 million to 1 billion per month

Query Tier 2

$0.20 per million queries — Over 1 billion per month


Get started for free

DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service

Ensure high availability and application performance with the simple, intelligent F5 DNS Load Balancer Cloud Service. Available in minutes. Just provision, configure, and go.

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