The State of Application Strategy in 2023

Digital transformation has become a top-level business strategy in an app landscape that will remain hybrid indefinitely.

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Why App Strategy Is Business Strategy Today

The majority of organizations derive half or more of their revenue from digital services they provide to others. That makes developing a smart app strategy crucial—but it’s also challenging amid multi-cloud complexity and exploding security risks. Read the full report to learn how to achieve the efficiency, security, and agility you need today.

Tech Trends of Today—and Tomorrow

We asked decision makers at global organizations how their applications and app architectures are changing and what’s driving key decisions for tomorrow. The results suggest where digital transformation is heading. Discover the implications of all the top trends.

Are You Keeping Up?

The digital business landscape is constantly evolving—and delivering engaging digital experiences is table stakes, not a competitive advantage. Learn how others are getting a jump on competitors by gaining efficiencies across the business and making it easier to protect and manage today’s diverse and distributed apps.