Mitigate Application Security Vulnerabilities

Critical vulnerabilities are released every 9 hours and attackers quickly weaponize exploits. F5 can help.

Why Shifting the Security Perspective Matters

App teams automate everything from code build to service deployment. Attackers quickly weaponize vulnerability exploits. Effective and consistent security that integrates into the development lifecycle without friction is a business differentiator.

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How F5 Can Help

Modern application architectures have expanded the risk surface, while automation has increased attacker effectiveness—leading to constant exploitation of vulnerabilities and weaknesses such as OWASP TOP 10 threats.

That doesn’t mean you have to delay the release of code that may change the world. Shift security left in the development process and start to transform security into a competitive advantage.

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Ways to Implement

SaaS-Based WAF

Cloud-delivered protection for all apps and APIs

Proactively shield your organization from vulnerabilities, reduce complexity, and protect the business with effective and easy-to-operate security that provides out-of-the-box protection and consistent policy enforcement across clouds and architectures.

F5 Distributed Cloud WAF

Protect legacy and modern apps with robust security that deploys rapidly in any environment.

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Self-Managed WAF

Hardware and software, deployed on-premises and in the cloud

Deploy on-premises or in a private or public cloud and protect your applications as you see fit while leveraging a robust set of security defenses. A self-managed WAF supports any application architecture, from legacy three-tier web stacks to containers.

Advanced WAF

Mitigate application vulnerabilities with proven and robust security that’s widely deployed across the Fortune 500.

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NGINX App Protect

Secure your apps with a WAF that fits natively into your microservices-based architectures.

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Ecosystem Integrations

How does the F5 solution integrate with application and service ecosystems?

The F5 solution integrates and automates security protections across architectures, clouds, and infrastructure.

Application Security in an OpenShift Container Platform

F5 and Red Hat partner closely to automate, scale, and secure application workloads across multi-cloud environments.

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Single-Pane-of-Glass Visibility with Stellar Cyber

F5 integrates with Stellar Cyber to reduce risk, improve threat detection, and automate remediation.

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Automate security with HashiCorp Terraform

Safely accelerate digital transformation across your enterprise application portfolio with F5 and HashiCorp.

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WAF vs. NGFW: Which Technology Do You Need?

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New Report: The State of the State of Application Exploits in Security Incidents

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Choosing the WAF That’s Right for You

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OWASP Top 10 Lightboard Lesson Series

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