Overcoming 4G to 5G Migration Challenges

Simplify, scale, and secure your 5G migration from the core to the edge.

Why Successful 4G to 5G Migration Matters

Service providers must ensure that their new 5G infrastructure is interoperable with existing 4G networks. This will require the implementation of a secure, cloud-native, and service-based architecture from core to edge that can operate at scale.

4G to 5G

How F5 Can Help

F5 gives you the tools to begin the transition to 5G today. We help you scale, optimize, and secure your current network to meet 5G’s latency, high-throughput, and increased traffic demands. Scale and simplify your existing networks while migrating to 5G with high-performance, virtualized solutions.


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Signaling Interworking for 4G to 5G

Improve operational efficiency by preserving your 4G network during 5G migration

Service providers need to maximize legacy LTE network components (Diameter, GTP, SIP signaling) as they implement new 5G HTTP2 signaling. F5 helps you preserve 4G functionality, providing charging assurance while 5G standards and solutions solidify.

BIG-IP NFV Solutions

The virtualized Gi LAN solution provides virtual policy enforcement, video optimization, virtual firewall, and virtual CGNAT.

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BIG-IP Advanced Web Application Firewall

BIG-IP Advanced WAF deploys tools that secure REST/JSON, XML, and GWT APIs.

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Transitioning Your S/Gi-LAN to N6

Simplify your network services by reducing device and function sprawl

Let F5 minimize 5G migration complexity by optimizing the consolidation of your N6 interface as you transition from 4G. With our simplified architecture, ease of scale, and wide range of network functions, F5 is your trusted partner, helping you enable new services in real time. 

BIG-IP Carrier-Grade NAT

BIG-IP CGNAT helps you manage your network with improved interoperability, visibility, and security.

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BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager

Learn more about how BIG-IP AFM improves visibility and security for containerized applications.

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BIG-IP Policy Enforcement Manager

Implement policy based on subscriber level, according to plan, location, and device.

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Transitioning to SBA and Kubernetes

Unlock the full potential of 5G

With the introduction of SDN/NFV, networks are moving away from monolithic, full stack deployments to a best-of-breed selection. 5G requires cloud-native service-based architecture. F5 offers service providers a transition path from PNF, VNF to CNFs.

BIG-IP Advanced Web Application Firewall

BIG-IP Advanced WAF deploys tools that secure REST/JSON, XML, and GWT APIs.

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Service Proxy for Kubernetes

Improve visibility, security, and control of traffic into your Kubernetes cluster.

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Carrier-Grade Aspen Mesh

Harness the speed and scalability of Kubernetes for cloud-native 5G architectures.

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Learn how F5 is using SmartNICs to increase DDoS absorption capacity while reducing TCO.

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