S/Gi-LAN and N6 Consolidation for Virtualized Networks

F5 provides the most comprehensive set of S/Gi-LAN/N6 optimization services in a consolidation and virtualized solution.

Now Is the Time to Optimize Your S/Gi-LAN/N6

Consolidating and virtualizing your S/Gi-LAN/N6 services can result in up to a 60% reduction in CapEx and OpEx—while boosting performance and lowering latency. F5 can help.

Dramatically Improves Efficiency and Cost-Effectively Scales Network Services

Accommodates explosive data growth with massive capacity. Add NFV and CNF -ready capabilities for a dynamic and flexible service architecture while monetizing the network based on subscriber and application intelligence.

Reduces Operational Complexity

A consolidated solution supporting a comprehensive set of network and security services simplifies operations and lowers OpEx. 

Reduces Capex and Lower Latency

A consolidated S/Gi-LAN/N6 solution reduces overall CPU and memory requirements leading to CapEx saving while also reducing packet latency through a zero-copy architecture.

Multiple Services on One Easy Platform

diagram multiple services

That grows with your business as its needs expand

The F5 S/Gi-LAN and N6 LAN software solution integrations the widest range of services – from security to video optimization – into a single platform. The unified framework makes it easy to manage existing services or add new ones. Consolidation helps you optimize your network and transition to 5G.

See how F5’s virtual, consolidated S/Gi-LAN and N6 LAN solution simplifies the design, deployment, and operations of critical S/Gi-LAN/N6 network services.

How F5 Helps

Stay ahead of the IPv4 to IPv6 migration

Successfully migrate to IPv6 while maintaining support and interoperability with IPv4 devices and content. F5’s comprehensive set of high-performance, scalable tools also improve system visibility with extensive, flexible, high-speed logging capabilities.

A high-performance, full-proxy security solution that protects edge and core networks

This scalable, subscriber-aware platform delivers the flexibility, performance, and control needed to mitigate aggressive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and protocol attacks before they overwhelm or degrade services.

ML for video traffic management with signature detection and granular policy control

Rate-paced ABR video traffic (encrypted or unencrypted) can reduce network bandwidth usage by up to 71%. Improve overall user quality of experience (QoE) by freeing up bandwidth—without impacting individual user experience.

Improve customer QoE and reduce subscriber churn

TCP traffic optimization focuses on enhancing the transmission control protocol (TCP), which accounts for a large amount of Internet traffic. F5’s TCP stack delivers the characteristics of an ideal TCP stack: high goodput, minimized buffer bloat, and fairness between flows.

Manage volumetric traffic from apps and mobile networks without the DNS bottleneck

Deploy a hyperscale and secure DNS solution to provide faster web browsing and reduced latency. Combine high-performance DNS caching and resolving with a robust DNS firewall and DDoS mitigation solution.

Enable subscriber-aware, granular creation of new services

Create and deploy new security-based services for subscribers based on subscriber-aware traffic identification. Protect your subscribers with use cases like DNS-based parental controls and subscriber aware IoT firewalls.


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