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Why Managed Services Solutions Matter

Enterprises in every industry are undertaking a digital transformation journey, with apps playing a key role. Our research indicates that the number of applications will grow from 700M in 2018 to 3.7B in 2023.1 This explosive growth is creating an opportunity. Service providers can grow their business in the rapidly expanding app economy by accelerating delivery of enterprise customers’ apps across multi-cloud and Edge using managed services.

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How F5 Can Help

Create new business opportunities, drive recurring revenue, streamline operations, and reduce cost and complexity of service delivery with best-in-class Managed Services solutions provided through the F5 Unity+ Partner Program. Our program is explicitly designed to help service providers offer differentiated services tailored to customer needs. We support you in every phase of the service creation and selling process.

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Explore F5 Solutions

Application Delivery and Security

Empower enterprises to rapidly deploy and secure apps across Edge and multi-cloud

To outmaneuver competitors in the digital age, enterprises need to deliver a rich application experience. To do this, they need to seamlessly move their apps close to their customers. Leveraging F5 Managed Services, service providers can help enterprise customers simplify deployment, management, and operation of applications across the Edge and multi-cloud. Centralized policy, security, networking, and lifecycle management of applications simplifies and accelerates deployment of both legacy and modern apps.

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Multi-Cloud Application Networking

High-performance application networking and security across multi-cloud environments

By partnering with F5, you can deliver the app connectivity and security your enterprise customers need for their transition to digital-first business. Enterprises today have multiple existing cloud environments but no consistent, simple, secure way to connect applications between clouds. With F5 Managed Services, service providers can simplify management and multi-cloud networking for enterprise customers, enabling easy app-to-app and user-to-app communication.

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Managed Security Services

Protect customer apps with security services across multiple clouds and the Edge

Accelerate your enterprise customers’ digital transformation by protecting their apps with Managed Services. By partnering with F5, you can provide robust security service that will protect enterprise applications, data, and users for any customer in any industry. Safeguard your customers’ critical assets with industry-leading F5 Security Services, ranging from Advanced Web Application Firewall and DDoS protection to BOT mitigation and access management, while offering Managed Security Services that are second to none.

Edge Infrastructure Platform

Accelerate time-to-market and simplify operation of new managed services at the Edge

The ability to quickly adapt to your customer’s changing managed service needs is critical to staying competitive. This becomes challenging as service providers deploy hundreds or thousands of edge sites. The operational cost and burden on DevOps and SecOps teams that must manage multiple edge locations critically impacts the ROI of new service introduction. F5’s Edge Infrastructure and Application Management solution provides centralized operations, security, and observability across all your edge locations for faster delivery of new managed services.

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S&P Global Market Intelligence: Cloud and Managed Services 2020 Trends

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Helping MSPs Enhance Their Managed Services Offerings with F5

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Secure Your CDN with Amazon CloudFront and F5 Managed Security Services

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