Enable Frictionless Authentication

Widely used authentication methods are effective at frustrating customers—yet fail to protect the business from fraud.

Why Authentication Friction Matters

When friction is inserted into the user journey, it results in frustration, abandoned transactions, and lost revenue. Attackers, however, are not deterred, as they have a variety of tools to bypass authentication.

Digital fingerprints can be purchased on the dark web. Real-time phishing proxies (RTPP) can intercept and replay MFA codes. CAPTCHA solvers make it easy for attackers to bypass challenges.

It’s time to gain competitive advantage and customer loyalty with friction-free authentication security.

Verify identity in real time

Block requests from synthetic or stolen identities and credentials to protect customer identity and privacy without compromise.

Streamline secure digital experiences

Eliminate the use of authentication methods like security questions, CAPTCHA, and MFA while maintaining rigorous access security.

Establish trust and increase conversion

Securely reduce friction to improve your customers’ experiences and build loyalty. 

Satisfy demands for flexibility and choice

Let customers use the apps they want—yours and third-party apps—without putting personal information at risk. 

Reducing Friction One Transaction at a Time

Diagram of F5 Online Fraud Prevention

Businesses compete for customer loyalty in a digital world—yet traditional security and fraud tools insert friction into the experience for trusted identities.

Establish trust, reduce transaction friction, and increase customer conversion and revenue with an integrated platform that stops automated and human-driven fraud while simultaneously optimizing the user experience for real customers. 

How F5 Helps

Continuously curate and monitor telemetry signals across a collective defense network

F5 solutions detect anomalous behavior and compromise, neutralize automated attacks, and maintain protection as attackers retool to bypass security defenses.

By performing real-time obfuscation to neutralize reconnaissance and profiling by motivated adversaries and modeling threat intelligence across similar attack profiles and risk surfaces, F5 solutions mitigate automated and manual fraud with maximum security efficacy.

Our solutions autonomously deploy appropriate security countermeasures and adapt as attackers evolve by leveraging two-stage supervised and unsupervised deep learning methods.

Accelerate authentication and maximize customer satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by removing authentication friction.

F5 solutions accurately identify legitimate consumers through deep analytics across a collective defense network—rescuing known, good consumers from login distress and performing invisible MFA to silently reauthenticate returning customers.

By safely extending sessions and keeping known good users logged in, businesses can increase transaction success and conversion rates, streamline account registration, and improve credit card application flow.


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