Mitigate Application Security Vulnerabilities

Critical vulnerabilities are released every 9 hours and attackers quickly weaponize exploits. F5 can help.

It’s Time to Shift Your Security Perspectives to Safeguard Your Business

Automations can make code builds and service deployment easier for app teams, but they also make it easier for attackers to quickly weaponize vulnerability exploits. That’s why it’s key to combat safety issues like these with effective and consistent security that’s integrated into the development lifecycle—and without disrupting your business. Here’s how F5 can help.

Shift Left

Application security is intrinsically integrated into the application development lifecycle, regardless of architecture, cloud, or framework.

Reduce Complexity

F5 streamlines security across clouds and architectures for consistent policy enforcement.

Maximize Usability

F5 solutions prevent compromise with minimal friction and false positives—turning a security cost center into a business differentiator.

Safeguarding Automations in the Development Stage

Diagram of the traditional WAF versus F5 WAF

Seamless protection at the source

Modern application architectures have expanded the risk surface, while automation has increased attacker effectiveness—leading to constant exploitation of vulnerabilities and weaknesses such as OWASP TOP 10 threats.

That doesn’t mean you have to delay the release of code that may change the world. Shift security left in the development process and start to transform security into a competitive advantage.

How F5 Helps

Cloud-delivered protection for all apps and APIs

Proactively shield your organization from vulnerabilities, reduce complexity, and protect the business with effective and easy-to-operate security that provides out-of-the-box protection and consistent policy enforcement across clouds and architectures.

Hardware and software, deployed on-premises and in the cloud

Deploy on-premises or in a private or public cloud and protect your applications as you see fit while leveraging a robust set of security defenses. A self-managed WAF supports any application architecture, from legacy three-tier web stacks to containers.

A cloud-based managed service that protects web applications and data from ever-evolving threats.

F5’s security managed service protects web applications that are critical to your business and extends your security team’s reach with 24x7 support from the F5 Security Operations Center (SOC).

Ecosystem Integrations

How does the F5 solution integrate with application and service ecosystems?

The F5 solution integrates and automates security protections across architectures, clouds, and infrastructure.



Simple graphic of sharks circling ships

Today’s multi-cloud environments, third-party integrations, and modern, distributed architectures based on APIs and containers increases complexity and risk.

The good news is that there are tools proven to help you protect your apps by mitigating vulnerability exploits and preventing compromise—specifically, a web application firewall (WAF). But how do you choose the WAF that’s right for you?