SSL Visibility

The majority of malware and data exfiltration hides within encrypted channels, blinding your security inspection tools. It’s time to centrally manage SSL/TLS to make your security controls more effective.

What Is SSL Visibility and Orchestration?

Nearly 90% of all Internet traffic is encrypted. F5 Labs threat research shows that 68% of malware uses encryption to hide when calling back to command and control.

Decrypting and re-encrypting traffic is computationally intensive, and many inspection tools—like next-generation firewalls and malware protection platforms—are simply unable to decrypt at scale. But visibility into encrypted traffic isn’t enough. Static decryption and re-encryption processes through multiple security devices induces unnecessary latency and complexity. Dynamic service chaining and policy-based traffic steering turns a static daisy chain into a flexible security architecture that detects encrypted threats while protecting user privacy.

SSL/TLS Visibility

Find the hidden threats in both inbound and outbound traffic.

Dynamic Service Chaining

Easily add and remove security tools in your architecture over inline layer 2, inline layer 3, inline web proxy, ICAP, and TAP.

Add Context to Traffic Steering

Drive traffic to security tools based on context like IP reputation, port/protocol, and URL categorization.

Granular Control

Set custom granular policies regarding how encrypted traffic is routed through your architecture.

Solution: SSL Visibility and Orchestration

Diagram - Visibility and Orchestration

How F5 Helps

Outbound Visibility to Protect Clients

Inspecting your client traffic for malware, command and control, data exfiltration, or violations of acceptable use policies is critical to detecting or preventing a data breach.

Inbound Visibility to Protect Apps

Internet-facing applications typically require security tools like bot management, web application firewall, and intrusion protection systems, as well as data analytics tools that the business relies on to gain insight into customer activity. These tools need visibility to the layer 7 application traffic to perform inspection.

Ecosystem Integrations

F5 partners with many of the world’s leading security companies, creating an ecosystem that strengthens security, increases scale and availability, and lowers operational costs for everyone. SSL Orchestrator supports multiple deployment modes, easily integrating into complex architectures to centralize decryption for both inbound and outbound traffic.



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