Stop Human-Driven Fraud

Protect your most critical assets from the most sophisticated cybercriminals with the highest real-world security efficacy.

Why Human-Driven Fraud Matters

The difference between automated and human-driven fraud is fiction, truth, and intent.

Are you human? Are you who you say you are? What is your intent?

For enough value, attackers will bypass anti-automation controls with manual fraud. Remove fiction to evaluate the truth of a user’s identity and their intent without impacting the user experience.

Change the Attacker Economic Equation

Digital authentication intelligence discovers if a user is who they say they are, changing the ROI on attackers’ efforts to gain fake or synthetic identity access.

Defeat Malicious Account Attacks in Real Time

Account Protection monitors every transaction in real time and uses machine learning to identify signs of fraud or risky behavior. 

Offer Protection Across the Customer Journey

Streamline the customer experience by identifying legitimate users, reducing MFA and mitigating other challenges.

Prevent Fraud in Real Time

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F5 removes unwanted automation without friction

Business leaders face a tough choice—implement layers of security to verify human behavior and identity, potentially frustrating users, or accept fraud losses. The F5 online fraud solution is a closed-loop AI system trained on verified human data that evaluates truth and intent to help stop fraud in real-time.  

How F5 Helps

Stop human-driven attacks that lead to fraud

Fraud protection must react as attackers adapt, removing unwanted automation without impacting the customer experience. Sophisticated attackers will retool against all countermeasures, using imitation techniques that emulate human behavior to evade detection.




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