Articles by Bart Salaets

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Published: Mar 29, 2022
Bart Salaets explores how telcos can make the most of multi-cloud networking.
Published: Jun 17, 2021
Telcos can help enterprises realize the full potential of edge computing. But what tools do they need to make it happen?
Published: Feb 10, 2021
How operators can take full advantage of Kubernetes for deploying and managing IT and Telco workloads.
Published: Feb 1, 2021
From a business perspective, a horizontal telco cloud architecture has several advantages over more traditional approaches. In addition to overall flexibility, it enables the telco to bring its telecoms and IT systems into a common infrastructure. That means that CapEx and OpEx investments are spread over telecoms and IT workloads, reducing costs.
Published: Oct 8, 2020
If you removed the case of your desktop computer back in the 1990s, one of the first things you’d see is a network interface card (NIC). Unlikely as it may sound, the humble NIC is now set to help the telecoms industry, and its customers, combat a huge global surge in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
Published: Jun 17, 2020
While it is true that adoption rates have fallen short of initial predictions, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that NFV is as relevant as it’s ever been. Perhaps even more so.
Published: Feb 10, 2020
In the service provider realm’s not-too-distant past, there was a distinct line in the sand. On the one side, networking and security teams spearheaded the evolution to an NFV architecture, with a strong focus on virtualising network and security functions. On the other side, developers enthusiastically embraced cloud platforms, DevOps methodologies, and automation via CI/CD pipelines. The edge is where they come together.
Published: Nov 6, 2019
Soon, every organization dealing with multiple interconnected devices and rapid data processing demands will need an edge computing strategy, not to mention the technology to make it all work.
Published: Feb 23, 2018
Network slicing is one of the most important 5G innovations available to mobile operators, allowing them to subdivide one physical network into multiple logical networks.
Published: Feb 15, 2017
After many years of discussions and proof of concepts, network functions virtualization (NFV) is now moving away from the conceptual to the realization stage.