F5 Distributed Cloud Application Delivery Network

Easily deliver container-based modern apps at global scale for maximum performance with low cost and low effort.

Why Modern Applications Need a Delivery Network

Modern apps deliver personal experiences. No longer bulk distribution of static images, they rapidly process individual data. Content management is secondary to code management and infrastructure as code. Serverless limitations slows development, and separate regions complicates deployment. Automated orchestration of cloud-native code is the fastest path from prototype to production.

Dramatically Faster Applications

Offloading cloud and container workloads to our global network of regional edges can help you achieve more than 80% reduction in app latency for more compelling personalized user experience.

Maximum Reliability and Security

Automate app deployment across our global network to leverage built-in app security, API management, intelligent traffic routing, and maximum uptime and resiliency.

Zero Infrastructure Operations

Hosting directly in our global network and PaaS allows you to focus on your apps, while we manage the K8s control plane, worker nodes, global load balancing, DNS, and security.

DevOps-Native Workflow

Streamline deployment either with GitOps CI/CD integration or with our intuitive portal to orchestrate workload, DNS, AnyCast, and load balancer to deploy apps globally within minutes.

Explore Distributed Cloud Application Delivery Network

Create Workload Deployments

Create Workload Deployments

Easily create a deployment YAML map or list with your existing CI/CD tools, and target to our virtual K8s API server for automatic distribution across our global network.

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Take Control of App Security

Take Control of App Security

Configure the Internet-facing service of your application and enable the web application firewall or advanced API security features to control access.

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Constant Availability

Constant Availability

Upgrade apps globally without maintenance windows or cache invalidations to support richer user experiences compared to a traditional CDN.



App Delivery Network

This guide provides instructions on how to deploy and secure network edge applications using F5 Distributed Cloud Console and F5 Distributed Cloud Mesh.

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