Public Sector Cybersecurity IT Solutions

Public sector agencies are consistently targeted by malicious attackers. Protecting their applications and data across all environments is crucial.

Why Defending Against the Expanding Public Sector Attack Surface is so Critical

There were 3,236 public sector data breaches between 2020 and 20211. Mitigating these attacks requires agencies to employ compliant, automated application security solutions that defend the expansive attack surface both at and beyond the perimeter.

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How F5 Can Help

F5 solutions protect across environments, at the perimeter, and through privileged user access. They meet global standards, like the U.S. Department of Defense SCCA standard, and feature industry-leading compliance with FIPS 140-2, the CSfC Program, and Common Criteria.

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The F5 solution aligns to the U.S. Federal Secure Cloud Computing Architecture (SCCA) framework, combining agility and tight security controls to maintain a secure, compliant environment for your applications.

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Protecting agencies against potential attackers

F5 has the most comprehensive set of application security solutions to protect agency data. A zero-trust approach—combined with powerful visibility tools, 24/7 support, active threat research, and multi-cloud security—offer comprehensive protection. That’s why 16 of 20 of the world’s largest government entities rely on F5.

Supporting Use Cases

Mitigate Application Vulnerabilities

How well you protect your apps can make all the difference. Get app protection in any architecture that stands up to a range of ever-evolving attack types.

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Mitigate Bots and Abuse

Protect your website, mobile apps, and APIs from malicious bots while maintaining access for the good bots that help your business.

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Discover and Secure APIs

Securely manage APIs across any data center or cloud using a simple, fast, and scalable multi-cloud architecture.

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Zero Trust through Identity Aware Access

Streamline and protect authentication and manage access to apps, using a centralized access proxy.

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Privileged User Access for U.S. Federal Agencies

Leverage multi-factor identification that mitigates compromised user logins and unauthorized account takeovers.

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F5 Zero Trust Panel Discussion

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OWASP Top 10 Lightboard Lesson Series

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