Security for Modern Apps and Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Deploying cloud apps brings business benefits but can also increase threats. F5 Distributed Cloud App Infrastructure Protection (AIP) can help.

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Application Modernization Requires Strong Infrastructure Security

Applications and their APIs are only as secure as the infrastructure they are built, deployed, and operate on. Vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at the infrastructure level leave apps open to attack from both internal and external bad actors. With Distributed Cloud AIP, you get comprehensive visibility into these threats, with the context needed to take action.


We collect over 60 billion events daily across the entire cloud infrastructure and application stack.


Built-in and configurable rules detect and alert on security and compliance risks.


Machine Learning (ML) and advanced analytics surface more than just anomalous behavior, but also risks and relevant details underpinning risk to enable fast MTTR with detection-in-depth.


Integrations with third-party SecOps tools, an in-house 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC), and dedicated advisory services provide support to your security team.

Explore Distributed Cloud AIP Solutions

Our container security solution gives you a single place to monitor the cloud-native infrastructure you have spun up, whether it's a Docker container or Kubernetes orchestration system. This gives you centralized control and the ability to investigate incidents across layers of infrastructure, ensuring full stack cloud security.

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This tool gives customers a host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) that contextualizes security data from deep within the operating system and provides context-rich data that informs proactive security measures like threat hunting and predictive analytics, as well as the precision needed when reacting to an active cyberattack.

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Unlike traditional approaches, we provide complete File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) on a continuous basis, alerting you in real time if a critical file has been opened, copied, moved, created, or modified in a way that appears suspicious. As we alert on suspicious file activity, our FIM solution provides the right context so you can take the right action when needed.

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Our vulnerability assessment capabilities allow you to detect and remediate vulnerabilities across workloads. We analyze your infrastructure, comparing it to the National Vulnerability Database and our own rich data sets, alerting you to vulnerabilities on installed software or in the infrastructure.

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Whether you need to monitor CloudTrail events, EC2, EKS, and Fargate, or scan the configuration of security groups, IAM, RDS, and S3, Distributed Cloud AIP is the perfect complement to integrating with and securing your entire AWS environment.

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