We know there was a lot to see at Black Hat this year, but we hope you had time to visit our virtual booth to learn what’s new in the world of cybersecurity.

If you didn’t, don’t worry—the event platform will be available until September 4th! Just log back in using the link sent to you from Black Hat/Swapcard. You can also watch both F5 Black Hat sessions—and test your security Jedi skills—right here.

Black Hat USA 2021 Sessions

Visibility blog


Digital as Default: Three Key Security Trends

Lori Mac Vittie, Principal Technical Evangelist from the Office of the CTO

Digitization is creating a distributed and data-driven world. And that means more ways for attackers to gain access, exfiltrate data, and generally make a mess of things. It’s important to shift security left to include security at every stage of the application lifecycle, but it’s also vital to shield right, because infrastructure (both application and platform layers) is still an attractive attack vector. In a digital-as-default world, security requires a digital stack and that means businesses need to implement DevSecOps practices, AI-assisted security, and a distributed defense model.

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Applying the Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity to All Businesses

Ryan Johnson, F5 U.S. Federal and Systems Integrator, and Jay Kelley, BIG-IP Security

What if all businesses, not just government, were to strive to enact the tenets and mandates of the “Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity”? Could they adapt to a continuously changing threat environment and ensure their products were built and operated securely? If so, how and what would it take?

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Secure Your Apps and APIs Everywhere

F5 helps you to secure your applications and APIs by providing visibility and control wherever you need it from L4 to L7—and across clouds, data centers, and a growing set of edge locations.

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Stop Fraud Without Friction: How to Stay Ahead of Motivated Attackers

In this on-demand webinar, Dan Woods, VP Shape Threat Intelligence Center and former FBI Agent, discusses:

  • Where attacks originate—automation
  • How attackers adapt—imitation and human fraud
  • How to defeat your adversaries and protect your business from online fraud