FIRST Security Conference

June 4 – 9
Montreal, QC, Canada

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth

FIRST is an international confederation of trusted computer incident response teams who cooperatively handle computer security incidents and promote incident prevention programs.  At this year’s conference we are pleased to have been selected to present

June 6

3:50 pm -5:10 pm

Title:  Compromising the Keys to the Kingdom – Exfiltrating Data to Own and Operate the Exploited Systems

Speaker:  Aditya K. Sood


Cyberattacks are evolving at an exponential rate. The adversaries (attackers, cybercriminals, nation-state actors) are focused on stealing, exfiltrating, and destructing data. The question is, "Why?" The answer is simple, "Data holds the keys to the kingdom!" In this session, we will present the current state of advanced threats and how "controlling data" has become the breeding ground for cyberattacks. A number of data exfiltration case studies will be discussed, covering nation-state cyber warfare, and targeted cyber-attacks including broad-based attacks.