BIG-IP Next: Explore the Next Generation BIG-IP Platform


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Wednesday, April 10 2024

8:30 AM - 12:00 PM ET

Hôtel-musée Premières Nations, salle Yaronta 5 Place de la Rencontre,
Wendake, Québec. G0A 4V0

Join us as we tour North America

F5 experts are hitting the road to bring exclusive in-person, personalized training on BIG-IP Next across the United States and Canada. We invite all BIG-IP users to connect with us in a city near you. During the sessions, attendees will receive a first look at the BIG-IP Next platform while going through application deployment exercises to address load balancing, application security, and app access use cases.

During sessions, attendees will learn how F5 BIG-IP Next

Exceeds the needs of distributed application portfolios

Provides faster time-to-value with elevated automatability, improved app delivery timelines, and increased business agility

Reduces operational complexity with easier upgrades, cluster management, and centralized control

Supports extensive application portfolios with an augmented control plane

Accelerates feature delivery velocity while obtaining new features to support evolving use cases on a more frequent basis

Understands your migration journey as the familiar version of BIG-IP you use every day becomes BIG-IP Next



Emmanuel Girard
Sr Solutions Engineer


Paul Slosberg
Sr Mgr, Solutions Engineering