F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Defend against malicious bots. Ensure safe, fast, and seamless user experiences.

TrustRadius award

Bot Defense That Adapts Faster Than Criminals Retool

Highest long-term efficacy

Highest long-term efficacy

F5 engages human domain experts and ML to ensure sustainable bot prediction models and a near zero false-positive rate.


Bot management your way

F5 offers flexible deployment options for protecting legacy and modern apps both on-premises and across clouds.

Product Overview

Diagram - F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense

Mitigate malicious bots with a service designed for the highest efficacy

Achieve highly effective bot protection based on unparalleled analysis of devices and behavioral signals that unmasks automation. You gain the advantage of a network effect as the platform adapts to retooling attempts across thousands of the world’s most highly trafficked apps.

Enable through the F5 Distributed Cloud Platform for comprehensive WAAP security.

Ensure seamless e-commerce security with the F5 connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC).

Easily integrate Distributed Cloud Bot Defense with BIG-IP through a native module or iApp.

Partner with F5 to deploy Distributed Cloud Bot Defense within your environment, whether on-premises, hybrid, or multi-cloud.

Ensure seamless e-commerce security with the F5 connector for Adobe Commerce.

Ensure seamless security with the F5 connector for Amazon CloudFront CDN.

Ensure seamless security with the F5 connector for Cloudflare.

Core Capabilities

Distributed Cloud Bot Defense mitigates advanced persistent bots so that you can protect customers against financial losses and data privacy violations.

Prebuilt integrations enable fast cloud and on-premises deployments.

Advanced analytics provide maximum efficacy with near zero false positives.

Secure experience for customers wherever they interact.

Advanced obfuscation prevents reverse engineering and bypassing signal collection.

Platform Support and Integrations

Integration with Syslog and Leading SIEM Systems

Security and fraud teams at industry-leading organizations rely on the rich signal data and inferences made by Distributed Cloud Bot Defense to drive threat analyses by integrating data feeds into leading SIEM systems in real-time or through cloud buckets.

Deployable in the Public Cloud

To optimize performance, Distributed Cloud Bot Defense can be deployed close to your public cloud workloads through VMs or containers.