F5 Shape Security: Application Security and Fraud Prevention

F5 Shape Security offers comprehensive, multi-cloud application security that slashes fraud and abuse, prevents reputational damage, and eliminates disruptions to critical consumer digital experiences.

F5 and Shape. Better Together.

F5 acquired Shape in January 2020, joining forces with a global leader in fraud and abuse protection to transform how we defend the world’s applications against credential stuffing and other advanced attacks that bypass security and fraud controls.

Together, F5 and Shape are creating combined solutions that can save our customers billions of dollars that are currently lost to fraud and abuse, prevent reputational damage, and stop disruptions to critical online services.

We deliver end-to-end application security using the industry’s most sophisticated AI/ML platform for application defense—one that provides accurate and effective security outcomes at scale more than a billion times a day, for some of the world’s largest and most frequently attacked applications.

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Explore F5 Shape Security Solutions

Protect your website, mobile apps, and APIs from malicious bots that threaten your business.

Rescue users from the frustration of excessive logins and reauthentication to safely grow your topline revenue.

Securely enable financial aggregators to innovate and deliver customer value.

Get powerful artificial intelligence for fraud prevention.

Monitor, detect, and defend against client-side attacks like Magecart, formjacking, skimming, and PII harvesting.

Visualizes traffic flow and reveal the nature of bot personas and attack vectors in less than 30 minutes.


Shape Officially Joins F5 to Defend Every App from Fraud and Abuse


Shape Officially Joins F5 to Defend Every App from Fraud and Abuse

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Protect Apps and the Business

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The New Era of Fraud: An Automated Threat

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Manage Risk with Security and Fraud Teams Collaboration


Manage Risk with Security and Fraud Teams Collaboration

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Credential Stuffing 2021: The Latest Attack Trends and Tools

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