Silverline Shape Defense

Advanced bot detection to prevent large scale fraud

A managed security service that protects your web applications from automated bot attacks to prevent large-scale fraud, inflated operational costs, and friction for your end users.

Prevent Fraud with Bot Detection

Silverline Shape Defense managed by the F5 Silverline Security Operations Center (SOC), prevents large-scale fraud with account takeover protection and much more.

Account Takeover Protection

Blocks account takeovers

Prevents fraudsters from rapidly testing stolen credentials on your login applications so they cannot take over accounts.

Prevents Inventory Hoarding

Prevents Inventory Hoarding

Ensures your campaigns and most in-demand items are sold directly to your customers, not scalpers.

Protects Loyalty Programs

Protects Loyalty Programs

Makes sure that gift card values, loyalty points and other stored values remain in your customers’ hands.

Mitigates Carding Fraud

Mitigates carding fraud

Stops criminals from using your checkout pages to validate stolen credit cards.

Stops Scraping

Stops Scraping

Controls how scrapers and aggregators harvest data from your website, so you can protect sensitive data and manage infrastructure costs.

Reduces Marketing Fraud

Reduces Marketing Fraud

Ensures that your business analytics and marketing spend are driven by humans and not automated bots.

How It Works

Learn how Silverline Shape Defense protects your web apps from bots and other automated attacks by delivering continuous protection, even when attackers retool. The managed service prevents sophisticated attacks, including those on the OWASP Automated Threats to Web Applications list.

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Silverline Shape Defense Infrastructure

Leverage the Powerful Shape Network

Get world-class application protection with the Shape network.

Advanced AI and machine learning
Mitigates fraudulent application requests in real time—and allows requests from legitimate humans without additional friction.

Collective defense
Blocks more than one billion fraudulent log-in attempts, while protecting more than 150 million human transactions every 24 hours.

Web Portal Helps You Gain Attack Insights and Threat Intelligence  

The F5 Silverline customer web portal provides real-time attack details and enhanced visibility of the mitigation techniques used to detect and prevent application attacks. Easily combine Silverline Shape Defense with Silverline DDoS Protection and Silverline WAF to give you a consolidated view of the actions taken to protect your apps.

F5 Silverline Threat Intelligence Service Add-On

Reduce attacks and unwanted traffic with the Threat Intelligence add-on, which delivers additional detection and blocking of IPs known to support malicious traffic.

Phishing Proxies

Phishing Proxies

Blocks phishing, click and gaming fraud sites



Identifies probes, scans, and brute force attacks



Known computers that are infected with malicious software to form a Botnet, controlled as a group by a command center

Anonymous Proxies

Anonymous Proxies

Mitigates proxy, and anonymization services, such as TOR

DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks

Detects and blocks IPs used in DDoS attacks


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