GRC and Fraud Management

Financial institutions are one of the most lucrative targets for fraud, including credential theft by organized crime rings, leading to billions in losses per year for the financial services industry.

Why GRC and Fraud Management Matter

It’s simple: how well you protect your apps and stay compliant determines whether you’re a reputable online presence or an untrusted one. Unfortunately, with customers increasingly accessing accounts across multiple channels, devices, and touchpoints, digital access points are prime targets for financial fraud rings.

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How F5 Can Help

Our fraud solutions reduce fraud and friction and require less effort by combining powerful AI and machine learning to identify abuse—in fact, three out of four top U.S. banks stay secure using F5 solutions.

When it comes to compliance, our industry-proven support, products, and solutions have a demonstrated track record in streamlining audit processes.

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Mitigate Fraud Risk

The U.S. consumer banking industry loses up to $1.7 billion annually as a result of credential stuffing. With the cost and reputation damage these incidents can cause, you need solutions you can depend on.

Our solutions are widely deployed in the financial services industry and can take advantage of insights uncovered based on the reputations and velocities associated with devices and IPs.

Streamline the Audit Process

You never know when the next audit is going to start. Once it does, you may lose the time and efforts of a full-time engineer for up to six months, who will have to do the necessary research and proof-of-compliance work. Staying within governance, risk, and compliance standards can be tough, but it shouldn’t stop you from reaching critical business goals. With F5, you can streamline the audit process.

Supporting use cases

Stop Human-Driven Fraud

Automatically prevent malicious transactions, some of which would have otherwise required manual fraud review.

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Mitigate Bots and Abuse

Protect your website, mobile apps, and APIs from malicious bots while maintaining access for the good bots that help your business.

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Streamline the Compliance Audit Process

Minimize the impact of audit processes through better visibility and compliance-ready solutions.

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Prevent Account Takeover (ATO)

An effective ATO prevention strategy decreases costs and increases revenue by stopping fraud without user friction.

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