Manage the rapid growth of signaling traffic

F5 has designed a dynamic architecture in signaling around Diameter, DNS, GTP, and SIP to help service providers offer quality customer experiences while enabling scalability, supporting rapid rollout of new services, and successfully managing growth.

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Scale and secure your architecture

Diameter Traffic Management

As Diameter signaling messaging grows exponentially, service providers need a multi-functional Diameter platform. BIG-IP Diameter Traffic Management enables service providers to manage network complexity with context-aware routing, engage in secure roaming, and successfully integrate all Diameter and legacy elements.

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Intelligent DNS

F5 provides a hyperscale and secure DNS solution for service providers that provides faster web browsing and reduced latency. This improves subscribers’ user experience and leads to reduced churn and increased revenues. Visibility into DNS and applications means that their health, optimization, and protection can be maximized.

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Session Initiated Protocol (SIP)

The BIG-IP platform delivers SIP solutions as part of a highly available, scalable, and secure system for the IMS network infrastructure. This solution ensures interoperability of SIP requests and responses throughout IP infrastructure, scales to handle millions of subscriber calls simultaneously, and enhances reliability at carrier-grade levels, including session synchronization and full failover capabilities with no connection loss.

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GTP Signaling

Service providers are locked in a race to satisfy increasingly data-hungry consumers while maintaining network performance.  Today, accelerating GTP tunnels and offloading GTP data traffic is critical to the performance of 3G and 4G networks, as well as IoT and M2M traffic management and load balancing in the core network.  GTP also allows providers to create different SGW-PGW network slices based on granular characteristics in 4G networks.

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