Online Fraud Prevention

Annual fraud losses are set to exceed $48 billion by 2023, yet mitigations may frustrate customers and lead them to abandon brands.  F5 can help.

Why Stopping Online Fraud Matters

Automated and manual, human-driven fraud can jeopardize strategic business outcomes and inflict massive losses. Organizations struggle to mitigate fraud, because security controls impact the user experience—61% of consumers report switching to a competitor that delivered a better experience.1

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How F5 Can Help

It’s time for a new approach to online fraud prevention. F5 protects online commerce and digital initiatives that boost customer loyalty and brand awareness, without ineffective authentication controls that frustrate users.

By establishing trust, reducing transaction friction, and increasing conversion and revenue, F5 offers an integrated platform that stops automated and human-driven fraud while optimizing the digital experience for real customers.

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Enable Frictionless Authentication

Businesses compete for loyalty online—get ahead with a new approach to authentication

Widely used authentication methods are effective at frustrating customers—but fail to protect the business from sophisticated fraud. Unleash business potential by improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue without compromising security.

The F5 solution accurately identifies legitimate consumers through deep analytics across a collective defense network. By safely extending sessions and keeping good users logged in, businesses can increase transaction success and conversion rates, streamline account registration, and improve credit card application flow while slashing fraud.

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Mitigate Bots and Abuse

Remove unwanted automation that can lead to account takeover and fraud

Adapt to attackers who retool to bypass countermeasures without frustrating users, by providing omnichannel protection for web apps, mobile apps, and APIs with the highest real-world security efficacy.

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Stop Human-Driven Fraud

Prevent fraud in real-time without impacting the user experience

Remove unwanted automation to evaluate truth and intent in clean human traffic and prevent fraud in real time—without impacting the user experience—thereby improving top-line potential while reducing bottom-line pressure.

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Prevent Account Takeover

Stop ATO before it leads to fraud, lost revenue, and damage to customer loyalty

ATO is often the precursor to fraud. To effectively mitigate ATO and the widespread business impacts to revenue, operations, and brand, deploy security that stays resilient no matter how attackers try to exploit your technology, people, or processes—without friction that frustrates your real customers.

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1Salesforce Research, State of the Connected Customer, Second Edition