Prevent Account Takeover (ATO)

An effective ATO prevention strategy decreases costs and increases revenue by stopping fraud without user friction.

Preventing ATO Is Critical to Your Business

ATO continues to be the most prevalent and expensive attack targeting financial institutions, e-commerce and many other organizations. On average, one in five authentication requests comes from malicious automated systems such as credential stuffing bots.

What’s the challenge? Consumers are demanding more digital services and convenience, so you must achieve the right balance between a frictionless customer experience and protection from ATO and other fraudulent schemes. 

Reduce Malicious Bots to Prevent Data Breaches

Prevent sophisticated and automated attacks that lead to ATO and fraud losses.

Monitor Accounts to Retain Customers and Preserve Brand

Analyze every transaction in real-time with machine learning for indicators of fraud or risky behavior.

Minimize Customer Friction to Maximize Revenue

Securely reduce friction to improve your customers’ experiences and build loyalty.

Align Security and Fraud Teams to Secure Customer Accounts

A common platform that fits into your existing infrastructure to enable collaboration across historically siloed teams.

How F5 Can Help You Protect Your Customers

F5 mitigates ATO while eliminating customer friction

F5 fraud and abuse solutions provide real-time monitoring and intelligence to deter automated attacks and detect manual fraud before it impacts your business—without disrupting the customer experience.

F5 is uniquely positioned to address ATO with defenses that adapts to changes in attack patterns and retooling and actionable insights that can be delivered to fraud ecosystems—establishing the right balance to safely reduce customer friction.

The result?  A frictionless but secure customer experience which delights customers, promotes brand loyalty, and drives business revenue—while also reducing operational costs.

How F5 Helps

Prevent automated, credential-based attacks that lead to ATO

Commoditized bots are easy to stop with most solutions. You need better protection to stop sophisticated automated attacks—the source of most fraud costs.

Protect your web and mobile applications and API endpoints from attacks that may start with simple automation but escalate to advanced emulation of human behavior.

F5 solutions defeat credential stuffing by continuously monitoring for compromises across a collective defense network. These solutions use durable network, device, and environmental telemetry signals to accurately detect anomalous behavior.

Identify targeted, manual attacks

F5 fraud and abuse solutions leverage rich user behavior, device identification, and network data intelligence to detect, confirm, and help you mitigate manual fraud activities previously invisible to fraud detection systems and tools already in place.