Edge Security Solutions for Service Providers

Edge brings big data and processing power to where you need it most—closer to the end user. Secure your edge with F5.

How Edge Security Impacts Your Customer Relationships—and Your Entire Business

Having a pervasive edge means bringing massive amounts of data and applications to where they’re most important—close to the end user. Service providers are well-positioned to play a prominent role in edge computing; they’re transitioning to the edge by building virtual, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructures, enabling them to deploy applications anywhere across their hybrid multi-cloud and edge infrastructure. Service providers face the daunting task of mitigating increased complexities and, above all, securing all the data, applications, and the network connecting this multi-cloud environment. As networks evolve, so does the threat landscape. It’s vital to gain and maintain customer trust—it’s very difficult to earn, but can be lost in the blink of an eye. Let F5 help you maintain that trust.

Securely Manage APIs

A comprehensive and flexible solution to securely manage APIs and safeguard the edge.

Protect Applications and Data

Application security solutions speed innovation and increase application development velocity.

Mitigation of IoT Threats

A secure IoT solution with the scale and performance required to handle sophisticated and emerging threats.

Secure and Optimize N6/SGi-LAN

Reduce TCO by 60% by consolidating your security functions on your N6/SGi-LAN.

Combat Attacks with Seamless Security

Diagram - Edge Comprehensive Security Solution

And proven solutions across multiple touchpoints

A distributed edge evolution brings an increased attack surface and reinforces the need for security at each and every location. F5 provides a seamless edge security solution for multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and multi-tenant edge deployments. By enabling a zero-trust security model across all edge locations, F5 edge security offerings provide proven solutions for IoT, API, platform, N6 LAN, and application security. F5 provides unmatched traffic visibility and control to enable new levels of operational automation and flexibility for service providers.

How F5 Helps

Delivering API management, high-performance API gateways, and advanced security controls

APIs are a fundamental building block of modern application development. Understanding the challenges and potential risks of APIs is critical to safeguarding your edge. Sometimes security is not included in the design of the APIs themselves, or they are misconfigured and lack security controls against common attacks. Since APIs are designed for machine-to-machine data exchange, many APIs represent a direct access route to sensitive data. F5 has a comprehensive and flexible solution to securely manage APIs from the core data center to the edge of your network. Security controls are addressed based on the security requirements of the data and API delivery platform.

Automatically deploy and secure your apps across your entire network

Applications are some of your organization’s most valuable assets. They are the gateways to your data—and your customers’ data. Attackers know this better than anyone. F5 integrates and automates app security. With varied forms of attack and software vulnerabilities, organizations need to be able to protect all types of applications, from traditional and legacy apps that are still essential to many critical business functions to new ones that take advantage of modern development techniques and resources delivered as a service. F5 offers a range of next-generation application security capabilities, integrated into multiple different insertion points, depending on the types of app deployment and level of customer management you require.

With the volume of connected devices, F5 safeguards your network

Whether for consumer or industrial IoT, security is the biggest challenge extending to safety and legal implications. F5 plays a critical role in ensuring that security, reliability, and safety are preserved by recognizing the need to provide network-centric security, focusing on end-to-end protection of IoT devices. F5 IoT Firewall goes beyond the capabilities of traditional network firewalls because it is specific to the IoT domain. It can provide device-aware, application-centric policies to prevent threats from the IoT devices that would otherwise disrupt the integrity and availability of the service provider’s network.

Reduce TCO by 60% by consolidating your security functions on your N6 LAN

F5 offers a N6 LAN consolidation solution to help service providers overcome key challenges in edge deployments. Containerization, consolidation, and automation makes service orchestration easier, enabling service providers to take advantage of opportunities such as per-subscriber policy enforcement to better secure their network. The F5 solution integrates the widest range of services—from CGNAT and DDoS protection to TCP and video optimization—into a single solution with a unified framework that simplifies service management. With consolidated and containerized N6 LAN from F5, you can optimize, secure, and monetize your network.

Implement your edge cloud platform without sacrificing security

Service providers are partnering with hyperscalers to build an edge solution that will appeal to enterprise organizations. Each will have a different architecture, deployment plan, and timeline, but all must ensure that security is factored into each element of the network. Protecting your edge platform is fundamental to ensure that valuable customer data is secure. Security controls need to be applied at multiple points in the network and across multiple layers. Enabling packet capture and the ability to implement security at container ingress is critical to ensuring that bad traffic stays out of a service provider’s network. F5 helps ensure customer Quality of Experience (QoE) by providing encryption and offering security based on Software as a Service (SaaS) with system-wide security consolidation and protection for app clusters at the edge.



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Service providers have the daunting task of building a network that lives up to customer expectations for 5G. As networks evolve, so does the threat landscape—how do you continue to maintain customer trust? Join us for our panel discussion in which we take a deeper dive into the service provider threat landscape and explore how service providers can take a proactive approach to embedding security into their networks.