Online Fraud Prevention

Annual fraud losses are set to exceed $48 billion by 2023, yet mitigations may frustrate customers and lead them to abandon brands.  F5 can help.

Why Online Fraud Prevention Is Critical

Rapid growth of digital channels for consumers to transact and an endless availability of personally identifiable information (PII), including stolen credentials, have increased the risk to your business—and your customers—of falling victim to online fraud.

Cyberattacks that lead to fraud span both security and fraud teams. If these teams and systems are not communicating, valuable information is not shared and it is difficult, or impossible, to see the entirety of the attack before it’s too late—leaving you with reputation damage and fraud loss.

To defeat increasingly sophisticated criminals, security and fraud teams must break down organizational silos to stop fraud in real time while letting good customers through with ease.

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How F5 Can Help

It’s time for a new approach to online fraud prevention. F5 uniquely protects financial services and online merchants with an integrated platform solution that brings security and fraud teams—and data—together to stop fraudsters in their tracks. F5’s large data set applied to our AI/ML algorithms makes it possible to enable more predictive and precise prevention measures than any other solution—with fewer false positives.

With F5 fraud prevention, fraud and security management is simplified, losses are lowered, and your customers have a better online user experience.

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Prevent Account Takeover

Stop ATO before it leads to fraud, lost revenue, and damage to customer loyalty

ATO is often the precursor to fraud. To effectively mitigate ATO and the widespread business impacts to revenue, operations, and brand, deploy security that stays resilient no matter how attackers try to exploit your technology, people, or processes—without friction that frustrates your real customers.

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Stop Human-Driven Fraud

Prevent fraud in real- time without impacting the user experience

Remove unwanted automation to evaluate truth and intent in clean human traffic and prevent fraud in real time—without impacting the user experience—thereby improving top-line potential while reducing bottom-line pressure.

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Mitigate Bots and Abuse

Remove unwanted automation leading to a variety of attacks that cause fraud

Commoditized bots are easy to stop with most solutions. You need better protection to stop sophisticated automated attacks—the source of most fraud costs.

Protect your web and mobile applications and API endpoints from attacks that may start with simple automation but escalate to advanced emulation of human behavior.

F5 solutions defeat automated attacks like credential stuffing by continuously monitoring for compromises across a collective defense network. These solutions use durable network, device, and environmental telemetry signals to accurately detect anomalous behavior.

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Learn how to deter attackers by disrupting the economics of cybercrime.

Your business and organized crime rings have more in common than you might think: you both worry about ROI. The best way to respond to attackers is to deter their efforts by making their attempts to compromise your business unfeasible.

Automated attacks are cheap and increasingly sophisticated. But with a defense strategy that maintains resilience and effectiveness regardless of how attackers retool to bypass your countermeasures, you can make their efforts too expensive and their success impractical.

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