BIG-IP Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT)

Ease IPv4 to IPv6 migration with a secure IP address strategy as part of a suite of consolidated functions.

Improve Network Scalability with BIG-IP CGNAT


BIG-IP CGNAT as part of a security policy

BIG-IP CGNAT can be combined with BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) to provide a comprehensive security platform. A consolidated approach results in simpler management and operation, reduced operational costs, and more opportunities to monetize functions and services.

  • High Performance Firewall - Combined with BIG-IP AFM, BIG-IP CGNAT provides the benefits of a high-performance firewall. These include a subscriber aware network firewall with integrated ACLs, IPS, and DDoS protections.
  • Subscriber Awareness - Subscriber awareness enables log enrichment with subscriber ID for CGNAT NAPT and PBA logs, subscriber discovery, and dynamic policy provisioning.


Product Overview


Scale and secure your network with carrier-grade NAT performance

BIG-IP CGNAT has proven to be an indispensable tool for supporting transitions to IPv6 and continues to prove its worth in today’s network by helping to scale and secure networks. For service providers that want to optimize their network scalability for IPv6, IoT and 5G, BIG-IP CGNAT provides a seamless and secure IP address strategy as part of a suite of consolidated network functions.

Deployed as a VNF (F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition), or as part of the NFV Gi-LAN, Gi Firewall, or CGNAT pre-packaged solution. BIG-IP Virtual Edition can also be augmented with an Intel SmartNIC to boost performance and reduce CPU usage.

Enable IPv4/IPv6 address management capabilities in a public cloud environment for flexible business operation. Also available as a CNF.

F5 BIG-IP CGNAT can be deployed on the scalable, bladed VELOS or VIPRION platforms, as well as iSeries and rSeries appliances.

Core Capabilities

When performing CGNAT, there are two primary functions that require significant compute power: executing the actual translation from one IP address to another and logging that translation—as often required by regional authorities.

Manage IPv4 address exhaustion with NAT44, NAT64/DNS64, PBA, and more.

NAPT and PBA let service providers exponentially scale available source addresses.

Handles close to 1.5 billion concurrent sessions and more than 1 Tbps of throughput.

Support the generation of millions of logging records to comply with regional authorities’ requests.

Offloading to an Intel SmartNIC, can improve throughput by 30%.

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