BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager

The brain of the F5 next-gen platform, BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) software intelligently manages network traffic, so applications are always reliable, secure, and optimized.

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More Than Load Balancing

Improve your end user experience

Improve your end user experience

No one likes a slow, unreliable application. BIG-IP LTM scales dramatically to meet traffic demands, improving load times and user experience. It also makes real-time protocol and traffic-management decisions based on application and server conditions and puts control in your hands with rule customization and programmability.

  • TCP Optimization - Enable state-of-the-art optimization to dramatically improve mobile performance.
  • Caching - Offload repetitive traffic from application servers to improve performance and scale.
  • Emerging Protocols - Provide load-balancing support for IoT clients through the MQTT protocol.

Real time operational intelligence

Real time operational intelligence

You want to know how your applications and network are performing for users at all times. BIG-IP LTM puts data logging and analysis, real-time application health monitoring, and detailed F5 Analytics at your fingertips to help you maintain and improve application performance.

  • F5 Analytics - Provides detailed monitoring for applications to analyze and improve performance.
  • High Speed Logging - Processes and sends the log messages to remote high-speed log servers for reporting.
  • Detailed Analysis - Export data streams to third-party analytics for detailed search and issue resolution.

Product Overview

BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager sits between clients and hosts, managing traffic into and out of a data center by way of a pre-configured virtual server that points to a cluster. This gives control over network traffic; selecting the best host destination based on server performance, security, and availability. LTM can be deployed across the range of F5 Appliances running BIG-IP Software.

Both the F5 rSeries family of appliances and the VELOS chassis are purpose-built, powerful hardware that F5 BIG-IP software runs on.

BIG-IP VEs have the same features as those that run on F5 hardware—and you can deploy them on any hypervisor or select cloud provider.

Core Capabilities

Offloads SSL encryption from data center servers and frees resources to boost app performance.

See response time and traffic surges. Quickly get to the source of app performance issues.

Provides clustering, virtualization, and on-demand scaling.

Detects DDoS attacks and mitigates over 100 vectors to keep apps online.

Maintain application availability by influencing traffic in real-time and understanding applications, protocols, and networks.

Inspect, manage and report on all app traffic entering and exiting your network, giving you granular control over traffic flows.

Platform Support and Integrations

Technology Alliances

F5 application services integrate with major cloud providers and are available directly through marketplace offerings with variable PAYG or perpetual BYOL consumption options.

Container Ingress Services

F5 Container Ingress Services (CIS) integrates with container orchestration environments to dynamically create L4/L7 services on F5 platforms with BIG-IP software, and load balance network traffic across the services.



Thousands of lighted multicolor fiber optics

In today's dynamic, application-centric marketplace, organizations are under more and more pressure to deliver the information, services, and experiences their customers expect—and to do it quickly, reliably, and securely. Key network and application functions, such as load balancing, encryption, acceleration, and security, can be provided via Application Delivery Controllers (ADC).