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The software load balancer, reverse proxy, web server, and content cache with the enterprise features and support you expect.

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An All-in-One API Gateway, Content Cache, Load Balancer, and Web Server

Platform Overview

NGINX Plus extends NGINX Open Source with advanced functionality and award-winning support, providing customers with a complete application delivery solution. NGINX Plus combines a load balancer, content cache, web server, security controls, and rich application monitoring and management into one easy-to-use software package.

NGINX Plus product documentation

Core Capabilities

NGINX Plus provides scalable and reliable high availability with monitoring to support debugging and diagnosing complex application architectures, with active health checks and an integrated live activity dashboard.

Advanced security

Reduce security risks with request and connection limiting, TLS 1.3 support, dynamic certificate loading, and JWT authentication.

Best-of-breed support

Get assistance with installation and deployment, debugging and error correction, security notifications, and software updates.

Load balancer

Intelligent, high-scale load balancing of HTTP, TCP, and UDP traffic, with support for numerous algorithms.

API gateway

Gain support for all API gateway models, from an edge gateway with TLS termination and rate limiting, to request routing and manipulation.

Reverse proxy

Session persistence, caching, and multiple algorithms to maximize speed and capacity for resiliency and scale.


F5 NGINX Plus Named 2023 PeerSpot Tech Leader

This honor was extended to the top three solutions in PeerSpot’s Application Infrastructure category and is based on in-depth, verified reviews from real users over a 12-month period. According to PeerSpot, Tech Leader-winning products represent the best in their solution category according to verified reviewer insights and experience.