Deliver App Performance, Security, and Availability

DNS hyperscales and secures your infrastructure during high query volumes and DDoS attacks, making sure apps are highly available—even between multiple instances and across hybrid environments.


BIG-IP DNS improves the performance and availability of your global applications by sending users to the closest or best-performing physical, virtual, or cloud environment. It also hyperscales and secures your DNS infrastructure from DDoS attacks.

Speed and security

BIG-IP DNS can hyperscale up to 100 million responses per second (RPS) to manage rapid increases in DNS queries. With a set of features that includes multicore scalability, DNS Express, and IP Anycast integration, BIG-IP DNS handles millions of DNS queries, protects your business from DDoS attacks, and ensures top application performance for users.

Always-on availability

BIG-IP DNS routes distributed app traffic to keep pace with changing network and user volumes that can overwhelm data centers during peak traffic times. BIG-IP DNS can also be configured as a full proxy for global load balancing applications and DNS across architectures, as well as across the globe.

Integrates with your infrastructure

BIG-IP DNS services integrate with DNS zone management solutions, increase DNS performance at the network edge, and mask the DNS back-end infrastructure. That translates into higher productivity, server consolidation, faster responses, and protected DNS management.

End-to-end encryption

BIG-IP DNS deploys DNS over HTTPS (DoH) using SSL to prevent DNS Spoofing and data manipulation. This last mile protection with DNS message encapsulation provides full privacy and integrity for service providers and enterprises.


F5 provides a hyper-scale and secure DNS solution for service providers that provides faster web browsing and reduced latency.  This improves subscriber’s user experience and leads to reduced churn and increased revenues.   Visibility into DNS and applications means that their health, optimization and protection can be maximized.

Superior DNS Performance

Superior DNS Performance

Manages query responses with multicore scalability, handling spikes in DNS query volumes.    

DNS Firewall Services

DNS Firewall Services

Validates query requests, mitigates malicious communications, absorbs DDoS attacks, encrypts end to end with SSL, and more.  

DNSSEC Protection

DNSSEC Protection

Protects LDNS servers from cache poisoning and man-in-the-middle attacks with real-time DNSSEC. 

Global Server Load Balancing

Global Server Load Balancing

Supports application requirements across data center and cloud environments while keeping apps available.    

Continual Monitoring and Automated Failover

Continual Monitoring and Automated Failover

Gives you the flexibility to shift traffic to a backup data center and fail over an entire site, or just control the affected apps.    

Location-Based Routing

Location-Based Routing

Routes clients to the nearest data center with geolocation-based load balancing for the best user experience.    

Deploy however you want


F5 application services work the same way in the public and private cloud as they do in the data center.    

Virtual Editions

BIG-IP VEs have the same features as those that run on F5 hardware—and you can deploy them on any hypervisor or select cloud provider.    


Both the F5 family of devices and the VIPRION chassis are purpose-built, powerful hardware that BIG-IP software runs on.

Customer story

Heritage Bank Improves DDoS Protection



Jason Rahm introduces the overall strategy of BIG-IP DNS load balancing, and how it differs from BIG-IP LTM options.

Watch the Lightboard Lesson video >

Automation and Ochestration


Ensure the performance and availability of your apps by seamlessly controlling BIG-IP DNS instances from a dedicated management dashboard.

Explore DNS Management with BIG-IQ >

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