F5 Distributed Cloud API Security

Automatically discover endpoints mapped to your applications, allow or deny list unwanted connections, and monitor for anomalous behavior. 

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Discover and Map APIs, Block Unwanted Connections and Prevent Data Leakage


Enable a positive security model

Integrate with your CI/CD pipeline to capture API changes. Upload an existing API schema for enforcement of appropriate API behavior. No wasted time spent configuring and deploying APIs—the service will know exactly what endpoints, methods, and payloads are valid, tightening security against abuse.

Product Overview

Secure and discover your APIs with Distributed Cloud API Security

Distributed Cloud API Security provides discovery and deep insights from use of AI/ML. Identify shadow APIs and block API attacks in real time and eliminate vulnerabilities at their source. The SaaS-based portal enables users to manage and go deep for threat analytics, forensics, and troubleshooting of API communications for modern applications.

Manage and protect application workloads hosted across clouds including AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. 

Manage and protect applications at the data center and edge sites.

Manage and protect application workloads from any of the points of presence (PoPs) on the F5 global network.

Core Capabilities

Detect and block attacks listed in the OWASP API Top 10 in real time by using automatic detection at the development and production layer.

Automatically create and enforce a positive security model with your own OpenAPI specifications.

Detect and map all APIs across your applications, including forgotten and shadow APIs, for a complete view into an app’s ecosystem with export capabilities.

Integrate security into the API lifecycle process via CI/CD tools or leading API management vendors.

Continuous machine learning monitors all traffic, allowing API security to maintain baselines, and predict and block suspicious activity overtime.

Easily identify usage patterns of APIs and correlate good and bad actor activity to optimize APIs for a better client experience.

Automatically generate policies based on App-to-App and API-to-API patterns.

Platform Support and Integrations

Broad platform and cloud provider support

Distributed Cloud Services can be delivered to apps running on any platform, on any public/private cloud. Connect and secure apps running in VMs, containers, bare metal, or serverless.

Service discovery and service mesh integrations

Supports multiple service discovery protocols simultaneously. Consul, Kubernetes, and DNS work out of the box. Istio or Linkerd service mesh can integrate with a Distributed Cloud Services ingress/egress gateway.

Automation, alerting, and SIEM integration

F5’s native Terraform provider, vesctl CLI tool, and public APIs deliver to the automation needs of app teams. Support for tools like Opsgenie or Slack for alerting, and Splunk or Datadog for SIEM, simplify life for DevOps and SecOps teams.


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