How 5G Success Starts With Your Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Cloud-native infrastructure is foundational to a Service Provider’s 5G success. The ability to define, manage, and control 5G cloud-native infrastructure enables Service Providers to bring processing power within sub millisecond latency to the edge of the network, opening up a new world of innovation opportunities for customers.

In order to provide optimal customer experience, it’s best practice to deploy cloud-native infrastructure based on Kubernetes from the core all the way to the edge and far edge of the network. The challenge is that Kubernetes isn’t natively equipped to meet the visibility, control and security requirements of the teams that manage the infrastructure.

In this session we will examine the F5 solution for efficiently deploying and managing your 5G cloud-native infrastructure. 

Learn how to support your transition from 4G with:

  • BIG-IP Service Proxy for Kubernetes (SPK), a multi-protocol container-based signaling control, security and visibility solution. 
  • Carrier-Grade Aspen Mesh, a service mesh based on Istio that provides critical features for operating at the scale required by carriers.  


Philip Klatte

Philip Klatte

Sr. Product Manager

Shawn Wormke

Shawn Wormke

VP Engineering



Rich Lopez

Sr. Strategic Architect

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