Securing Your Apps Like a Vegas Casino with F5 NGINX

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Security at casinos is robust and multi-layered—the stakes are too high for it not to be. That’s why high-end Las Vegas casinos deploy complementary, multi-layered, and context-appropriate security controls. And they put those controls in place for their facilities’ different needs and functions.

Other modern enterprises can adopt a similar mixed environment for their enterprise application security posture. These mixed environments, consisting of monolithic, cloud-native, and microservices-based apps, must strike a balance between free movement of traffic and data and a Zero Trust security posture.


Key learning objectives:

The advantages of a layered and context-appropriate approach to application security

The challenges of relying on rigid, inflexible app security

The solutions offered by F5 NGINX to outsmart bad actors


Rajiv Kapoor
Manager of Product Marketing

Zach Westall
Product Marketing Manager