F5 Academy Presents: Securing Apps and APIs with F5


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Date: Wednesday, August 21, 2024

Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm HT

Location: HMSA Office, 818 Keeaumoku St. Honolulu HI

Join F5 for an exclusive training in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii! During the sessions, attendees will gain hands-on experience through real-world exercises to secure, deploy, and manage API security policies.

APIs are everywhere—in your data center, across private and public clouds, at the edge, within your third-party ecosystems—and so should your security controls. F5 is the only solution provider that secures, delivers, and optimizes any app, any API, anywhere. And it does so with the industry’s most comprehensive and AI-ready API security solution. Learn how to protect critical business logic from code to production so you can mitigate risk for your rapidly expanding API ecosystems.


F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP: API Discovery and Security

Explore the depths of F5's web application and API protection solution within F5® Distributed Cloud Services. Dive headfirst into the cutting-edge world of API discovery, uncovering your APIs, securing sensitive data, and providing authentication state detection. Attendees will experience the power of API protection and rate limiting while learning best practices from F5's industry experts.

F5 BIG-IP Next Access: Authentication Security for Mission-Critical APIs and Applications

F5® BIG-IP® Next™ Access is the next-generation of BIG-IP access security. Discover how this API-first platform enables you to embed zero-trust app access capabilities directly into the CI/CD pipeline. Attendees will gain experience configuring and deploying an access policy to secure an application and login pages, and to set access levels and permissions.