Explore F5 Distributed Cloud Services for State, Local, and Education Sectors

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State, Local, and Education customers are facing technical challenges ranging from application and infrastructure modernization, cybersecurity concerns, zero trust, and digital transformation initiatives. What makes these projects more challenging is the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors, clouds, and disparate solutions that don’t easily integrate. Plus, there’s the ever-present reality of finding and retaining the skills required to manage each solution.

With F5 Distributed Cloud Services, a SaaS-based offering, we can deliver high-performance networking and security for applications distributed across multiple clouds and edge sites from a single console.

From May to October 2023, F5 is hosting several Test Drive Labs specific to the SLED sector to provide insight into how F5 Distributed Cloud Services can address many challenges with implementing the above initiatives.

Join our hands-on virtual labs to dive deeper into F5 Distributed Cloud Services and learn from our SLED-focused team of engineers. We’re keeping class sizes small to ensure you have the best live lab experience. We’ll be offering seven sessions broken down into three section groups: 

  1. Distributed Cloud Services Fundamentals
  2. Distributed Cloud Services Security
  3. Distributed Cloud Services Insights

Attend and complete all seven labs and achieve an F5 Digital Badge on F5 Distributed Cloud Services.

This registration page reflects the second of three section groups: Distributed Cloud Services Security. By submitting this registration form, you will automatically be registered for the below two sessions taking place in July and August.

Registration for Distributed Cloud Services Insights will be available in August. Fundamentals and Security section registrants will be alerted via email once registration opens for the additional section based on the referenced timeline.

F5 Distributed Cloud Services Security

F5 Distributed Cloud 102 WAF/WAAP – A Deeper Dive

This session has already taken place.

In this lab, attendees will take a deeper dive into F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP (Web Application and API Protection.) Individuals will review WAAP policy frameworks, exercise configuration options, review security events, and perform exclusion handling. The lab session will also explore service policy configuration and AI-driven Bot Defense deployment configurations.

F5 Distributed Cloud 103 – Advanced Bot Strategies

This session has already taken place.

In this lab, attendees will review and explore advanced services within F5 Distributed Cloud Services. Lab tasks will focus on providing a more in-depth review of AI-driven Bot Defense security, integrating Client-Side Defense, and the enablement of additional visibility of Application Traffic Insight.

All sessions are estimated to take approximately three hours. Zoom Meeting & Calendar Invitation will be included in the confirmation email.