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Aspen Mesh provides an Istio-based microservices solution for service providers. Learn how to get started today!

Deploy, Manage, and Monitor Microservices at Scale

Aspen Service Mesh Packet Inspector

Aspen Mesh Packet Inspector

Security should be ensured at all layers and work together with new clusters when introducing services running on top of a microservices infrastructure. It is paramount for all new points of exposure to be visible, which aids in pin-pointing security threats.

  • Enterprise Visibility - Per-user, per-service and per-tenant traffic and service visibility allow traceability for compliance tracking and performance purposes.
  • Enhance Cluster Security - Topology obfuscation of internal infrastructure and visibility to traffic enables increased security of deployed clusters and services.
  • Service Provider Visibility - Per-subscriber and per-service traffic visibility allows traceability for compliance tracking, trouble shooting, and billing purposes.

Product Overview

Diagram illustrating F5’s Aspen Service Mesh

Connect microservices and scale Kubernetes with minimal management overhead

Aspen Mesh is deployed by a service provider as an SBA service mesh building block for 5G SA deployments. It may also be deployed by a service provider in conjunction with F5 BIG-IP Next Service Proxy for Kubernetes (SPK) for legacy 4G or 5G non-standalone (NSA) deployments in transition to a standalone 5G deployment.

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For highly regulated businesses where data ownership and security are prioritized, and where legacy services maybe in transition.

A microservice deployment platform for HA and DR. Deploy workloads requiring high availability or disaster recovery capability.

Easily integrate data and services across various cloud-native architectures. Integrate security and visibility for seamless deployments.

Deploy a single cluster, multi-cluster, or multi-cloud deployment to provide services to multiple tenants, each isolated from each other.

Core Capabilities

Aspen Mesh is a full featured Istio-based service mesh with 24/7 support and is secure by default. It also includes several capabilities which are not found in open source Istio, as detailed below.

Provides traffic control and policy enforcement.

Configuration provides strict security capability out of the box.

Supports native, end-to-end dual-stack networking across the service mesh.

Enables service-mesh traffic capture and visibility.

Granular certificate management for service mesh and other products.

Makes installations and upgrades easier.

FQDN and SPIFFE support. Eases 4G VNF to 5G CNF migration.

Industry support of Aspen Mesh traffic format.

Platform Support and Integrations

Kubernetes Integrations

F5 Aspen Mesh can be flexibly deployed on Kubernetes cloud-native infrastructure.

F5 Partner CNF certification program

F5 and its partners certify onboarding, integration, deployment, and life cycle management of BIG-IP Next SPK and Aspen Mesh in a cloud-native environment with vendor CNFs.

Read more about the CNF certification program >

Technology alliances

F5 collaborates with the world’s leading technology companies. Together, via interoperability and integrations, we help our customers secure and deliver extraordinary digital experiences.



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