Deploying Your Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Building your next gen networks with F5’s 5G Core network and infrastructure solution.

Simplify and Secure Your Infrastructure

F5 leads the market in service provider solutions, enabling a secure, elastic infrastructure that is designed to scale. Our solutions help you consolidate and simplify existing infrastructure and are built to easily accommodate emerging use cases—all while keeping CapEx to a minimum.


Applying central ingress/egress control and intelligent traffic management over multiple traffic types that are unique to a service provider network.


Enabling central security controls that are applied at multiple points in the network and across multiple layers.


Visibility of traffic flow into and within the infrastructure for greater operational efficiency, more efficient troubleshooting, and flexible revenue controls.

Expand Your Business with Enhanced Infrastructure

Diagram illustrating 5G cloud-native infrastructure

Grow with control, scale, security, and visibility

Let F5 help you drive new revenue and growth as you implement a cloud-native, containerized infrastructure and move from Virtualized Network Functions to Cloud-Native Functions—paving the path to a 5G Standalone core configuration.

How F5 Helps

Migrate to cloud-native with F5’s infrastructure solution

F5 delivers 5G infrastructure built on a cloud-native, containerized Kubernetes architecture that is specifically designed for carrier-grade deployments. F5 enables service providers to have the control, scale, security, and visibility they need into their 5G Core networks.

Unlock your 5G Edge potential

F5 enables you to shift paradigms quickly while maintaining a secure edge. Our 5G edge solutions will optimize and secure your network while providing you with much needed visibility in the new multi-vendor, best of breed networks. 




As today’s carriers transition to 5G technology, F5 offers a unique solution— including ingress/egress signaling control, security, and visibility—to support containerized 5G infrastructure for service providers. 

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