DevOps Automation Powers Customer Innovation

Accelerate customer innovation by automating your entire deployment pipeline, including security and network infrastructure.

Why DevOps Automation Deployment Matters

Why we develop applications today has shifted. Customers expect regular innovation and to see issues resolved rapidly. With customers using social media reviews to guide business choices, it’s important that application automation goes beyond development.

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2021 State of Application Strategy Report

Optimizing the customer experience: AI-assisted business activity has tripled.

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Integrate Security and Performance

Automation to ensure full integration

While deployment cycles have sped up using automated CI/CD pipelines, many network and security requests are still using manual, ticket-driven processes. It doesn’t have to be this way. With F5, get full integration of security and performance policy and accelerate your customer innovation pipeline.

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Automate App Delivery

Accelerate your build environment

Avoid manually implementing application delivery and security services and accelerate your build environment. Use automation to deploy and configure security and network infrastructure services.

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State of Apps blog


The 2020 State of App Services: The DevOps Divide

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NetOps report


F5 DevOps and Netops Survey Report: The Key to Working Together

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Maximus story

Case study

Maximus Streamlines Operations with F5 on AWS

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NGINX masterguide


NGINX: The Masterguide to IT Agility

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