Bot Management Solutions

Protect your apps and APIs from bots and malicious automation while maintaining engagement that drives your business.

Why Bot Management Is the Key to Security Success for Both Businesses and Customers

Account takeover (ATO) and fraud is getting more prevalent thanks to organized crime rings using bots and automated attacks on web apps and APIs—and they’re able to quickly adapt to security countermeasures and overcome basic security controls. As a result, security and risk management teams are taxed with trying to stay ten steps ahead of attackers in order to keep apps and customer accounts secure… and if they rely too heavily on manual processes or fail to deter bots, automated threats could impact application performance, create an adverse customer experience, and damage business reputation. Here’s where F5 comes in.

High visibility

F5 powers more than half of the world’s applications across all types of environments, protects over 1 billion transactions daily from application attacks on the largest companies, and ensures the safety of more than 200 million legitimate human transactions every day.

Unwavering resilience

F5 solutions uniquely provide long-term, persistent efficacy through spoof-proof telemetry collection, highly trained AI, and best-in-class security operations.

Optimized customer experience

F5 solutions reduce or remove high-friction user authentication mechanisms, including CAPTCHA and multifactor authentication, thereby improving the customer experience.

Adaptable and Accurate Security

Diagram - mitigate bot management

Resilient and effective, on every level

Without frustrating users, bot management solutions must adapt as attackers retool (and they will) to bypass countermeasures. Accurate detection and resilient protections can dramatically improve business outcomes by slashing fraud losses, providing better customer experiences, and maximizing operational efficiencies and business intelligence.

How F5 Helps

The economics are in the attackers’ favor

Apps and APIs are the business in the new digital economy. Automation enables organizations to be first to market, first to profit, and first to cool with digital experiences that literally change the world.

Conversely, favorable economics drive attackers to embrace bots and automation to carry out attacks on web apps and APIs, leading to abuse, account takeover, fraud, lost customer trust, and damaged brands.

With a unified telemetry platform, F5 is uniquely positioned to stop ATO with defenses that adapt to attacker retooling and provide industry-leading detection rates—providing the agility and resilience you need to succeed in the digital world.  

Ecosystem Integrations

F5 collaborates with the world’s leading tech companies to create joint solutions that protect your valuable brands from bots, abuse, and fraud.




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