Secure APIs and Third-Party Integrations

Ensure continuous protection for the fabric underlying your digital business.

APIs and Third-Party Integrations Drive Your Business

APIs are fundamental to the digital economy, serving as the bridge to modernize legacy apps, and the cornerstone of modern digital experiences. APIs are also subject to the same attacks that target web apps, namely exploits and abuse that lead to data breaches and fraud, and introduce unintended risk from third-party integrations and ecosystems.

Distributed Security

High security effectiveness that mitigates risk from vulnerabilities and abuse.

Continuous Protection

Dynamic discovery and anomaly detection that automatically secures endpoints.

Consistent Enforcement

Visibility and control for all architectures, clouds, and the edge.

How API Security Protects Your Business

Improve risk management while supporting digital innovation

F5 solutions protect APIs across the entire enterprise portfolio with effective and consistent security for all clouds, architectures, and development frameworks.

With these solutions in place, you can continuously discover and protect APIs, infusing a positive API security model that improves risk management while supporting digital innovation.

F5 security runs in the form factor your business needs to reach its maximum potential—including self-managed solutions, a cloud-delivered as a Service platform, and managed services that extend your security and fraud teams with 24x7x365 SOC oversight.

How F5 Helps

Cloud-delivered protection for all apps and APIs

Proactively shield your organization from vulnerabilities, reduce complexity, and protect the business with effective and easy-to-operate security that provides out-of-the-box protection and consistent policy enforcement across clouds and architectures.

Hardware and software, deployed on premises and in the cloud

Deploy on premises or in a private or public cloud and protect your applications as you see fit while leveraging a robust set of security defenses. A self-managed WAF supports any application architecture, from legacy three-tier web stacks to containers.

Cloud-based managed service that protects web apps and data from evolving threats

F5’s security managed service protects web applications that are critical to your business and extends your security team’s reach with 24x7 support from the F5 Security Operations Center (SOC).

Ecosystem Integrations

Integrate your solution providers and tools to create an API‑driven security fabric.