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Faster Web and Mobile Performance

Boost the performance of your sites and applications to increase customer satisfaction, conversions, and revenue. Read this blog post to learn four ways to optimize your e-commerce site for improved performance.

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F5 NGINX Solutions for Improved Web and Mobile App Performance

Improvement of web and mobile app performance is a crucial factor for any business. The F5 NGINX solution for faster web and mobile performance reduces complexity, provides efficient performance, and improves security.

Simplified Stack

Reduce your complexity and costs with a load balancer that doubles as a web server and content cache.

Scalable Kubernetes

Scale your application pods horizontally based on user demand, with almost no added latency for real-time users.

Built-In Security

Catch vulnerabilities early, implement robust SSO, protect against OWASP Top 10, and ensure all communication is mTLS-encrypted.

How F5 Helps

Gain more efficient performance

Significantly improve front-end performance using HTTP/2, without touching backend services. A dynamic load balancer, reverse proxy, and content cache provide higher application performance in web application and Kubernetes environments.

Improve the user experience

Improve performance while reducing load on backend services with flexible content caching. Provide better user experiences and more effective use of server resources.

Deliver faster, more secure user experiences

Get up to 3x better SSL/TLS performance while maintaining backwards compatibility with dual stack RSA/ECC encryption.

Content compression can reduce bandwidth usage by more than 75%

By reducing the amount of data transmitted over the network, content compression helps alleviate network congestion, particularly in scenarios with limited bandwidth or high network traffic. This can result in improved overall web or mobile app performance.

View app performance with a real-time monitoring dashboard

Gain better visibility into app health and performance with granular real-time and historical metrics. Improve business decisions, troubleshooting, and get actionable insights into app traffic, resource usage, and infrastructure health.

Take advantage of full-featured HTTP, TCP, and UDP load balancing

Deliver improved customer experiences under peak workloads, with uncompromised performance and reliability, regardless of traffic fluctuations.