Fixed-Line, Cable, and Data Center Security Solutions

Digital transformation changes the data center security landscape and brings the need for shifts in investment.

Securing Your Fixed-Line, Cable, and Data Center is Crucial to Business Success

These days, customers expect your services to always be available and secure—and they’ll find another provider if their expectations aren’t met. This makes security crucial for all service providers, especially as the threat landscape evolves. Security shouldn’t be implemented as an afterthought. It needs to be built into the network, providing coverage end-to-end and from the ground up. F5 can help you build that security to your exact specifications.

Comprehensive Suite of Security Solutions

F5 offers a variety of security solutions for securing your network and apps in core data centers or edge cloud locations.

Deployment Options Based on Your Needs

Get hardware appliances for high data plane performance, VNFs for customers with NFV infrastructure, or CNFs for those customers migrating to cloud-native and SaaS solutions.

Best-of-Suite Security Solutions

Choose from security solutions for protecting your network ands apps, including DDoS, Edge FW, DNS, Advanced WAF, and WAAP services.

Superior Defense for Your Fixed-Line, Cable, and Data Center

Diagram illustrating F5 security solutions

Protect your network and customers as you scale

F5 security solutions defend the strategic points in your data center, fixed-line, and cable operations. Applying the right controls helps you protect your network and customers, allowing you to build more reliable infrastructure and focus on monetizing new opportunities. Implementing a unified, multi-layer defense to protect your operations helps you gain customer trust. Our software-based solutions are capable of supporting performance exceeding 1.0 Tbps throughput, ensuring massive scalability, and our flexible deployment options keep applications available regardless of architecture requirements.

How F5 Helps

Multi-tiered DDoS protection is vital

DDoS was the most common service provider attack for three years straight, representing 77% of all incidents in 2019.1 Get the protection that works best for your business based on where your applications are hosted—in the cloud, on-premises, or a mix of both—and how hands-on you want to be. Your solution can evolve over time as application infrastructure protection needs change. F5 offers a multi-layer (L3-L7) DDoS attack protection against all vectored attacks and stops DDoS attacks before they affect your business.

Security, speed, and scale while ensuring DNS delivery

F5 offers a hyperscale and secure DNS solution for service providers that enables faster web browsing and reduces latency. This improves subscribers’ user experience, leading to reduced churn and increased revenue. Visibility into DNS and applications means that their health, optimization, and protection can be maximized. F5 DNS Delivery secures and scales your infrastructure during high query volume and DNS DDoS attacks—making sure that your apps are highly available between multiple instances and across hybrid environments.

Prevent malicious attacks from getting into your network

Securing infrastructure is critical, allowing you to maintain control and visibility. F5 can prevent malicious attacks at container ingress by providing security services such as DDoS protection, firewall, and web application firewall (WAF) which can be applied at container ingress, preventing malicious traffic from entering the cluster and impacting your network. 60% of service providers consider applying consistent security policies across all apps to be their biggest challenge; F5’s Gi-LAN solution provides a single platform to manage traffic, security, and application services.

GSMA estimates that the number of IoT connections will reach 24.6 billion by 2025

IoT devices often have security vulnerabilities that make them easy to compromise. F5 offers a comprehensive security solution that can scale to billions of connected devices and protect against emerging threats, mitigating potential attacks on devices, sensors, core network resources, DNS, and L7 services with visibility into applications.

Guaranteed availability and data protection to subscribers and partners—24x7

DDoS, malware, and other intrusive attacks are growing exponentially. F5 solutions provide multi-layer security at the data center, cloud and network edge, ensuring massive scalability and deployment flexibility with 1 Tbps performance.


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