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Join us at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons Corner, VA, on March 19-21 and uncover strategies to streamline API security for speed and agility while ensuring continuous security, availability, and performance for all your mission-critical apps, no matter where they operate.

This year’s event will include a lineup of keynotes featuring F5 execs, cybersecurity leaders, and industry experts. From there, you’ll choose one of six learning tracks based on what’s most important to your organization. We’ll have a full-day interactive pavilion where you’ll be able to network with F5 experts and the partner community. You’ll also have the opportunity to take an F5 Certified! exam on site. 

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Kara Sprague

Multi-Cloud Made Easy


Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, F5

The stakes couldn’t be higher: we need our apps to deliver incredible digital experiences but they’re being attacked like never before. The good news is that F5’s portfolio secures, delivers, and optimizes every app, every API, everywhere. And we do that today! In her keynote, Kara Sprague will discuss how F5 is a critical part of enterprises’ hybrid and multi-cloud architecture, empowering IT operators to take app security to the next level. As you face AI-powered cyberattacks and increasingly distributed environments, Kara will show you how F5 simplifies the complexity of protecting apps. 


API Security: 10 Best Practices and Strategically Applying AI


Security and Fraud Architect, F5

It is difficult to go anywhere in the security profession these days without AI and API security coming up. As you can imagine, this creates quite a bit of fog around the topic. In particular, it can be difficult to understand when AI can add value and when it is merely being used for its buzz and hype. Beyond buzz and hype, however, how can we know when AI is being leveraged in a useful way to creatively solve problems? AI works best when it’s carefully, strategically, and methodically leveraged in order to tackle certain problems that suit it. Join us for a session on applying AI to API Security and 10 best practices.


The Secure Edge for the largest Cyber Training Platform in the World


VP of Engineering, Cyber Programs, at Cole Engineering Services, Inc., supporting PCTE

Gillon serves as the Executive Technical Officer for the Lead Systems Integrator assigned to the PCTE (Persistent Cyber Training Environment). US Cyber Command/PEO STRI’s PCTE builds Cyber Training environments for the next generation cybersecurity warfront in support of US Joint Commands and our Allies. The success of their first nine systems has led them to work on building out one of the largest distributed training platforms in the DoD. PCTE recognizes that F5 is not just a load balancer. Rather, F5 technologies make up the complete security boundary for PCTE systems by utilizing its full potential.

Learning Tracks


This track is designed for customers who are relatively new to the F5 product portfolio and are looking to take the first step towards F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator. This training will encompass networking basics, explain where app calls are made in the TCP/IP stack, and help you prepare for the F5 Certified Professional 101 exam on Application Delivery Fundamentals.


The 200-level Boot Camp track is for F5 admins who have hands-on experience with the BIG-IP platform and want to become a Certified BIG-IP Administrator by taking the 201 exam. This track focuses on TMOS administration and BIG-IP LTM fundamentals.


The 300-level Boot Camp track will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of underlying principles—from SSL-based VPN implementation to symmetric and asymmetric acceleration and custom monitors. As a prerequisite, attendees should have their F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator (F5-CA) certification.


As government organizations continue to embrace modern app development processes, we’re seeing an increased demand for NGINX expertise and experience in new job openings. As a result, we are offering a new NGINX 100 and 200 level accreditation series. Session topics include NGINX Plus, NGINX App Protect, NGINX Kubernetes Ingress Controller, OpenShift + CIS and BIG-IP Ingress-Link with Ingress Controller, and NGINX App Protect Advanced Topics.


The Solution Sessions track will take you through five different F5 solution areas. Throughout the day, we’ll cover F5 zero trust capabilities for both on-prem and cloud apps, a hands-on demo of securing APIs in any environment, how BIG-IP Next simplifies day-to-day ADC operations, how to migrate BIG-IP workloads to Distributed Cloud, and BIG-IP APM best practices. 


The Partner Engagement track will be primarily geared towards F5 partners and any government employees who are interested in taking a deeper dive into some of the common use cases that our customers are demanding of technology professionals. We will cover multiple Public Sector use cases throughout the day, with time to network with your F5 account team to discuss how the information applies to Public Sector agencies. 


We’d like to thank our 2024 sponsors for being a part of the F5 Federal Symposium! All of our sponsors are partnering with F5 to meet you face to face at the event to learn more about the unique challenges you face in the federal sector and explore how to mitigate them.

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