How to Prevent Ransomware with Encrypted Threat Protection

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In recent months, ransomware has successfully halted operations of several critical infrastructures, creating significant obstructions to various sectors of the U.S. economy. According to the 2021 Application Protection Report from F5 labs, ransomware was a factor in approximately 30% of U.S. breaches within the last year, up from just 6% in 2019. 

In our webinar, we'll cover why it's essential that critical infrastructure and federal contractors protect their organizations against the threat of ransomware spawned by phishing attacks and malicious web page downloads. 

Join the webinar to learn how to:

Protect your organization from ransomware downloaded as a malicious email attachment or link

Prevent ransomware spawned by web downloads from encrypted web pages

Detect and halt encrypted malware before it enters or exist your network


Catherine Newcomb
Product Marketing Manager

Jay Kelley
Principal Product Marketing Manager